By | September 10, 2018

Animated Theme Park 1.1 Unity3D Model Full Crack Download Clean Links!

Version 1.1: Added Horror Castle, Wipeout ride and a hammer ride. Also animated small kids rides (no vr camera included) to supplement surrounding environment.

Now with a complete Google Cardboard project ready to compile.

A complete animated theme park optimised for virtual reality VR projects.

12 rides that rates from easy to difficult for players. All animated in the most realistic and engaging behaviour.

All rides includes an Exit button that should be activated by gazing in Google Cardboard projects or by clicking on Oculus related technologies. (script not included)

A fixed camera on the rides seats is implemented for the best user experience.

Included rides (Poly Count):
AirPlane : 12.9k
BumperCars : 25.4k
CliffHanger : 13.5k
Enterprise : 34.7k
octopus : 28.5k
RollerCoaster : 57.2k
TeaCup : 22.4k
Trebuchet : 16.8k
Troika : 10.2k
TrumbleBug :15.4k
Wheel : 14.8k
Windseeker : 64.8K


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