What is VfxMeD

A Website dedicated to VFX and 3D stuff launched in 2015.

are all files clean?

Yes all files are clean, 100% tested before hand before uploading. tho 3rd party sharing sites are used to upload stuff so install uBlock origin or Adguard before downloading anything

Do you offer premium membership?

No. we hate paywalls, tthats why VfxMeD exists. tho we do appreciate when people donate to us and as a token of appreciation we give them premium download links, but all files are shared equally with all visitors.

How can I donate?

You can donate to us, any amount you like to support our work. To donate, you can use Crypto method and Paypal. If you want to donate with other method, feel free t contact us.

Can I donate addons or 3d stuff?

Yes, VfxMeD is a collective effort, feel free to contact us.

Who manages all the work?

only 1 person. sometimes people help to ease my pain.

How to download files?

To download any files uploaded on vfxmed or aeblender.com – first of all install uBlock Origin or AdGuard extension in your browser, now you are good to open download links and download files.

how can I contact you?

You can email me at [email protected] – I open this email everyday at a fixed time, I read all msgs and reply to everyone.

Do you have a discord server?

Yes, open this link to join our little, friendly discord community. Its free to join, but you will have to make a free account on Discord website to join. Its easy and quick. 

Discord : https://discord.gg/M2kqB4M9tG

Do you post NSFW stuff?

Absolutely NO. its 100% banned in on our site and on discord server. We are a completely family friendly community.

Clicking on download button but nothing happens?

Right click on the download button and open in new tab, then download will start. this problem is reported on file-upload file hosting site, so this is the fix for it.