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VfxMed Fluent 1.1.9 for Blender v2.8 Medicine Download

Why Fluent is the greatest tool ever made ? USER-FRIENDLY A slick interface with a simple menu. It’s all you need. ACCURATE DRAWING Fluent’s snapping grid and precision tools allow you to aim perfectly at any section of a polygon or edge. Fluent is the ideal solution for advanced hard surface work. Garunteed to bullseye… Read More »

[Blender] Super Texture Script v1.7 Easy Download by VfxMed

Super Texture is a one-click addon for generating multiple PBR maps from a single image. No 3rd party software! No generated image files! Dynamic properties! Instant outputs! Version 1.7 Dynamic Parallax maps + Improvements: Height map upgrade (smoother + better range) Dynamically Generated Parallax Maps (optimized) Cleaning of unused node groups Texture coordinates now more… Read More »

VfxMed Auto-Rig Pro 3.41.59 for Blender 2.8 Medicine Download

Auto-Rig Pro is an all-in-one solution to rig characters, retarget animations, and provide Fbx export for Unity and Unreal Engine. First coded for my own projects and needs, it has expanded drastically other the years with hundred of new features. Position the reference bones so that they match your character proportions. To speed up this process, the smart… Read More »

New Hair Tool v2.0.14 Download for Blender 2.8 + Medicine!

This addon will help you generate hair card with uv’s and much more: generate and groom hair ribbons (based on blender particle hair) generate hair ribbons from guide grid mesh drawing curve hair (or particle hair) on mesh surfaces automated uv (random uv area is assigned for each spline) uv texture preview directly on curve… Read More »

Blender Plugin Quickdraw v2.8 Easy Crack Download

3D Modeling via sketching in Grease Pencil quickDraw is a tool that automates many of the tedious processes involved with making geometry from Grease Pencil sketches. You will be able to sketch naturally and have very solid geometry as an output. My main inspirations were 3DCoat, Procreate and CAD software. Downloads: pls buy & support… Read More »