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ArtStation’s Mega Pack 400 Sci-Fi Hard Surface KITBASH Download

By | February 19, 2021

Set Includes: 400 Unique Objects  Only use it for kitbashing. Downloads: pls buy & support the dev! IF THE LINKS ARENT WORKING, THEN PLEASE ACT LIKE A GROWN UP AND MESSAGE ME/ COMMENT HERE OR ON DISCORD AND I WILL UPDATE THESE…Read More »

Complete Kitbash3D – Secret Laboratory Download 4.6GB Data

By | December 21, 2020

Bring your high-tech government labs and underground scientific worlds to life with this kit’s vacuum sealed chambers, particle colliders, computers, servers, operation tables, x-ray machines, cryo chambers, robotic assembly lines, and dozens and dozens of more pieces of equipment that ordinary civilians…Read More »

Complete Kitbash3D – Mini Kit: Ancients Download

By | August 8, 2021

This Ancients Mini Kit is a collection of different select pieces designed by our Ancient Temples, Egypt, and Savage full kits. You can use this collection to generate the wonderful world of distant, memorable and epic pasts. Please click the link below…Read More »

FREE KitBash3D | Veh: Drones Full 4GB Package Download

By | December 14, 2020

Whether you’re creating modern day warfare environments or futuristic renderings of police states with crowded buzzing skies, this pack gives you all the bodies, rotors, propellers, gimbals, arms, and legs for you to mix, match, rearrange, and combine to create your ultimate…Read More »