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FXPHD NUK226 Painting & Reconstruction Techniques Course Download

By | January 27, 2023

FXPHD NUK226 Painting and Reconstruction Techniques with NUKE X Complete Course Download FREE Removals and digital matte painting fundamentals are essential skills for a compositor, but mastering these techniques requires a high level of technical understanding in order to facilitate the work,…Read More »

Complete Sensei – The Unreal Masterclass FREE Course Download

By | December 23, 2022

The goal of this course is to gain a fundamental understanding of Unreal Engine 5. Real Time Rendering for Everyone This course was created for every industry including game development, filmmaking, animation, and architectural visualization. The Unreal Masterclass is made for everyone.…Read More »

Outgang Facial Muscles In-Depth Course Free Download

By | December 11, 2022

Facial Muscles In-Depth INTERMEDIATE, THEORY Description A 3-hour analysis of the important facial muscles to know as a character artist. A special importance is placed on describing the surface shapes created by these muscles. We cover in detail: The Muscles of Mastication.…Read More »

Outgang | Anthropometry and Observation Course Download

By | December 4, 2022

A 4-hour class laying the groundwork necessary to properly study facial anatomy. We cover the following: What Anthropometry is and why study it. The Most Important Measurements to Create a Successful Head. Reading the Planes of the Face. The Different Anatomical Layers…Read More »