By | June 2, 2017

Lynda Blender Character Rigging with BlenRig Full Course Free Download Clean Links!

BlenRig—a character rigging system provided by the Blender Foundation—provides you with tools that can help you bring your characters to life. In this course, join Darrin Lile as he breaks down how to use BlenRig to rig a character for animation in Blender. He shows how to install and set up the BlenRig add-on, and adjust the rig to match your character using the retargeting tools. He also demonstrates how to adjust the deform cage to fit the shape of a character, add corrective shape keys, and weight paint the hands and face. To wrap up, Darrin discusses how to set parameters and adjust actions and ranges to fine-tune the rig.

Topics include:

  • Retargeting the rig
  • Baking the rig
  • Adjusting the deform cage for the head
  • Adjusting the legs and feet
  • Binding the character to the deform cage
  • Adding corrective shape keys
  • Setting up drivers
  • Weight painting
  • Setting parameters
  • Adjusting actions and ranges


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