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SideFX Houdini 15.5.523 For LiNuX MAC OSX WIN XFORCE Full Crack/Patch Free Download

Houdini combines superior performance and dramatic, ease-of-use to deliver a powerful and accessible 3D animation experience to CG artists creating feature films, commercials or video games. With its procedural node-based workflow, Houdini lets you create more content faster to reduce timelines and enjoy enhanced flexibility in all your creative tasks. Houdini is ideal for modelers, lighters, character riggers and animators to use on its own or as a layout and lighting tool for visual effects created in Houdini FX.

Houdini 15.5 Feature LIST


  • New PolyBevel SOP
  • New PolySplit SOP
  • New Dissolve SOP
  • TopoBuild tool (phase II)
  • Variable width offsets in PolyExpand2D
  • Double-click for edge loop selection
  • Double-click for point and primitive island selection


  • Advanced locomotion controls
  • Direct FBX Imports for agents
  • Vertex normal support for deforming crowd agents
  • New Agent CHOP
  • New Terrain Adaptation SOP
  • Improved crowd steering behaviour
  • Accurate foot planting
  • Mocap Biped 3 with library of motion clips


  • Triplanar UV projection VOP
  • Curvature support for UV Bake
  • Tighter UV island packing in layout

Lighting and Rendering

  • Third Party Rendering Support in Houdini Indie – Today: RenderMan, Arnold, and Octane – Coming: Redshift, V-Ray and Maxwell
  • New VR Camera built using new VR lens shader
  • DOF and Motion Blur in OpenGL ROP
  • Overscan rendering support and crop window fixes
  • OpenGL displacement mapping in viewport
  • “Render to Disk in Background” button on SOHO ROPs
  • Photon tracing control in Mantra

User Experience

  • Better Euler tumbling in viewport
  • 3D handle enhancements
  • File chooser enhancements
  • Improved geometry snapping
  • Multi row/column pasting in Parameter Spreadsheet
  • Help system enhancements


  • “Delta Mush” deformation support
  • Multi overlapping selection in Dopesheet
  • Hair and fur grooming enhancements


  • Faster VEX function loading and more efficient memory use
  • Faster saving of large geometry
  • HQueue performance optimizations


  • OpenVDB 3.1


  • Many Alembic enhancements






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