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SitniSati AfterBurn 4.2 For 3DS Max 2015-2016 Full Crack Free Download CLEAN WIN

AfterBurn 4.0b

– fixed: Object shadows are now listed when you write inside MXS listener : show $
NumSubs() now returns 2
– fixed: accessing AB Shadow Map via MXS, resulted in system exception
– fixed: AfterBurn’s metaball HyperSolids render bug fix
– added: Shadow Map will now display a name of the light for which it’s built
– fixed: Noise PW crash fix
– fixed: The AfterBurn Wind and VMap Daemons’ rollout didn’t appear in the AfterBurn UI when you select them in the Source Particles/Daemons window.
– fixed: black spots with Octane Shader

AfterBurn 4.0

AfterBurn 4.0 delivers rendering speed improvements, workflow enhancements and modularity/extensibility.

AfterBurn 4.0 is a $135 upgrade for existing AfterBurn 3.2 users.
Users that have purchased AfterBurn 3.2 after October 1st 2007 are entitled for a free upgrade.

Here is a short list of what’s new in AfterBurn 4.0:

– New AfterBurn Shadow Map brings a great speed improvement without significant shadow quality loss. Speed improvement over Raytraced Shadows in AfterBurn 3.2 can be more than a factor of five for dynamic scenes and even up to factor of ten for static cloud animations.

– AfterBurn no longer needs special type of shadows to be able to calculate self-shadowing effect as it supports standard light’s interface for atmospheric shadows (light’s “Atmosphere Shadows” option).

– FusionWorks support. AfterBurn will properly blend with FumeFX, ScatterVL Pro and Standard 3ds max Fog. FusionWorks support also brings output to FusionWorks Z-Depth Render Element as well as output to non-clamped colors, used in .exr, or .hdr file formats.

– AFC View is a new workflow improvement that allows users to edit all AFCs and Gradients from one place.

– Geometry Clipping option enables that particles that are contained inside geometry do not render outside of it.

– Completely reworked built in noise types are now in form of a plug-ins for AfterBurn that can also be developed by 3rd parties. New 3D Texture Map allows users to use 3ds max 3D Map as a noise generator inside AfterBurn.

– AfterBurn Daemons user interface is displayed directly inside AfterBurn UI.

– New Cebas’ ThinkingParticles controller that allows using TP’s channels to replace AfterBurn values.

– New max script functionality.


7 Replies to “SitniSati AfterBurn 4.2 For 3DS Max 2015-2016 Full Crack Free Download!”

  1. Juan Carlos

    He seguido todas las instruciones al pie de la letra queda el plugin correctamente pero ojo observacion
    deja crear la primera escena se renderiza correctamente, cierro 3dmax abro la misma escena y no se puede renderizar, error de la aplicacion.
    vuelvo a crear la misma escena desde cero, renderizo, y la aplicacion sigue dando error.
    llevo quince dias asi de esta manera, me es imposible crear.
    si alguien me puede decir que esta sucediendo se lo agradezco, porque me tine loco pegandome con el plugin.

      1. Juan Carlos

        gracias de todas las maneras pero el 3dmax y el sistema no tiene nada que ver. es el plugin que dea alguna manera utiliza el hilo de la grieta pra bloquear el render.
        te explico tengo tres sistemas iguales extructurados en tres diferenciadas instalaciones. probe el 3dmax en dos de ellas y solamente en una es en la que el plugin funciona acorrectamente al cien por cien. pero da el caso de que en estas instlaciones no quiero tener el 3dmax. soy muy extructurado y me gustan las cosas muy detalladas. es un capricho mio. jeeee
        pero gracias. probe la version 2013 y funciona correctamente el plugin.

        1. Zaid Sparrow Post author

          Me alegra que trabajó para 2013 al menos. Y sobre instrucciones, lo siento pero estas son las únicas instrucciones que pude encontrar.


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