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Capture One Pro 9.0.1 Build 13 64Bit Win/Mac Multi Language Full Crack Torrent

Capture One Pro features are developed with the world’s best photographers


The exceptional power of the new processing engine and flexibility of Capture One Pro 9 gives you complete control over your creative process – Whatever your passion.
Color Balance
Make intuitive color grading effortlessly simple with the Color Balance Tool. Choose Hue and Luminosity for Shadows, Mid Tones and Highlights in turn.
Dynamic Locations
Automate the destination of images in your Import and Export workflows. Use ‘tokens’ to easily extract image metadata and create multiple export threads.
Keywords and Keywords Libraries
Create multiple keyword libraries to manage different lists with ease. Add and remove keywords from multiple images with simple clicks.
OpenCL Display
Leverage the dedicated graphics capabilities of your system to accelerate Browsing, Zooming and Processing.
NEW Processing Engine
Make your vision reality with optimized Rescaling, Contrast, Exposure and Brightness Tools, and Local Curves.
Instant Tethered Capture
Connect your compatible Canon, Nikon, Sony, Leaf or Phase One camera to capture images instantly. Show Live View directly in Capture One to simplify composition and aid accurate focusing. Seamlessly collaborate with your clients with Capture Pilot for iOS and Web.


Quality is nothing without the ability to deliver it with precision and repeatability. Capture One is developed for professionals who shoot every day and need the right tools to deliver the quality that clients demand.
Heighten Contrast and Impact – with total precision – without destroying shadow and highlight details.
Color Management
Beautiful color starts with hand crafted profiles for each camera. Capture One supports dynamic proofing and both RGB and CMYK workflows.
New Contrast and Brightness Algorithm
Give your photographs a more natural look using the powerful new processing capabilities.
Lens Corrections
Correct distortion, chromatic abberation and light fall off from Capture One’s extensive library of lens profiles or instantly from the manufacturers profile.
Luma Curve
Adjust curves with Luma only. Fine tune contrast leaving Hue and Saturation unaffected.
Enhanced rescaling
Retain the same quality and sharpness, regardless of the output size of your images.


The more control you have the faster you can realize your vision. Capture One Pro 9 is built on this idea – the new suite of tools allow you to create images with incredible precision.
Color Editor
Define the exact color tones you wish to adjust and the optimal way to do it. Go further and use these with a Local Adjustment Mask.
Dodge & Burn
Use Opacity, Flow and the new Airbrush mode to create versatile masks for localized adjustments – all while using complete RAW data.
Focus Mask
Determine the images that are in focus with the Focus Mask effortlessly quickly. Remove the need to check images individually with the focus peaking-like Tool.
Reduce or eliminate distortion in one click with the Keystone Tool. Define the area of concern and Capture One Pro 9 will correct it perfectly – with no guesswork required.
Local Curves
Apply the precise curve you want with a Local Adjustment Mask. Target the exact areas of your image that require the adjustment and leave out others that don’t – with total confidence.
Create Masks From Color values
Transform color selections picked in the Color Editor into a Local Adjustment Mask with just one click. Mask tricky areas or skin selections easier than ever before.

New Image Editing Tools:
– Revised contrast engine: Changes have been made to the algorithms of colour, saturation and contrast. The colour editor has been revised to align design with the color balance tool. Handles are made easier to use and adjust, and the tool is now scalable when undocked.
– Masks from colour editor: The colour editor now allows the user to make a mask from a color edit.
– New Brush pack: Tool changes include the addition of flow, airbrush, straight line brushing, and the ability to link brushes.
– Luma curves and local curves: Added to the curve tool palette, Luma curves can be used to create contrast curves without affecting saturation. Also, curves can be used locally.
– Battery status for toolbar: This new tool can be placed on the toolbar where it gives a power supply overview to the attached tethered camera, warning photographers of low power during a shoot.
– Export EIP for catalogs: Catalog users can now benefit from EIP export for easy transportation of RAW and Settings, off system. In the Export originals panel, there is now an option to Export as EIP. Sessions users can also choose to Export originals. This creates a workflow in which the original RAW and adjustments are not packed – instead a copy is made, packed as EIP.
– DNG colours: This new feature allows Capture One Pro to treat and display supported camera files that have been converted to DNG (and include the RAW file in the DNG package), as if in their original format.

New Asset Management Tools:
– Keywords Tool: Keywords may be added and removed from images. The standard Capture One tool tips for local reset, local copy apply, pre-sets and help are available for this tool.
– Keyword Libraries: Used to manage the list (or lists) of keywords in a catalog or a session. As the Keywords tool adds keywords to images, the document Keyword Library is populated. This forms a keyword list for any and all terms in the current document and is unique for the session or the catalog.
– Sortable Keywords: Unique to Capture One Pro 9, users are able to reorder keywords in the Keywords tool for single image selections.


Note: Windows version comes with Trial reset. Which means, you will have to reset it after every 29 days. Don’t worry, you only have to double click on given file, and it will work fine. Trial version comes with 100% tools and full version but for 30 days.

Install notes:
– Install a version TRIAL
– The trial version is fully functional for 30 days
– Every 29 days, add an entry to the system registry file (Trial_reset.reg) (double click on it, simply)
– After adding an entry will reset the counter for the next 30 days

Phase One Capture One Pro 9.0.1 Build 13 – 64bit Multilanguage

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Capture One Pro v9.0.2 – Mac OS X

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Note: To crack MAC OSX Version, follow below instructions.

Open the Crack..then the App…..en put the app inside the crack..thats the way.

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