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RT-Voice PRO Script for Unity3D Full Crack Free Download Clean Links!

Have you ever wanted to make software for people with visual impairment or who have difficulties reading?
Do you have lazy players who don’t like to read too much? Or do you even want to testyour game’s voice dialogues without having to pay a voice actor yet?
With RT-Voice this is very easily done – it’s a major time saver!

RT-Voice uses the computer’s (already implemented) TTS (text-to-speech) voices to turn the written lines into speech and dialogue at run-time! Therefore, all text in your game/app can be spoken out loud to the player.

And all of this without any intermediate steps: The transformation is instantaneousand simultaneous (if needed)!
• Instantaneous transformation form
text-to-speech! No intermediate steps.
• Since the audio is generated during
run-time, it saves a lot of space!
• No need to voice act for yourself during
the test-phase of your game.
• More than one voice can be transformed
at a time (e.g. scenes at a public square
with people talking simultaneously).
• Fine-tune your voices with rate, pitch and
• Current word, visemes and phomenes on
Windows and iOS (incl. mark functions)
• Generated audio can be stored to files.
Those files can be reused inside Unity.
• 1-n synchronized loudspeakers for a
single AudioSource origin.
• Simple sequence and dialog system
• No performance overhead!
• Powerful API to get maximum control as
a developer
• Runs on all Unity platforms!
• MaryTTS support
• PlayMaker actions!
• Contains a Proxy manager for Internet
Internet availability tester included!
Test-Drive the voices inside the Editor!
• Extensive demo scenes, tests,
documentation, API and support!
• Full C# source code_____________________________________________
“RT-Voice” works great with:
• SALSA With RandomEyes
• Localized Dialogs & Cutscenes (LDC)
• Dialogue System for Unity
• THE Dialogue Engine
• Playmaker
• Adventure Creator
• LipSync
• Cinema Director
• uSequencer
• Quest System Pro
• NPC Chat
WebGL & WebPlayer are currently in BETA, which means that it won’t work out-of-the-box – you might have to work out a setup solution of your own (like CORS or policy server)! We will improve the asset and documentation in the upcoming releases to help you further.


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