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CGBoost – Sphynx Cat Sculpting in Blender 3D Course Download

By | February 12, 2024

These are the bonus files that are coming along with my video Create a Sphynx Cat in Blender. Enjoy! What’s inside? Create a Sphynx Cat in Blender Tutorial Sphynx Cat sculpting realtime process video Sphynx Cat Blender file incl. procedural shaders (for…Read More »

CGBoost – Master Grease Pencil in Blender Course 2024 Download

By | January 21, 2024

Imagine making a colorful drawing, but instead of it sitting on a flat page, it exists in 3D space. Blender with its powerful 2D drawing and animation tool called “Grease Pencil” lets you do just that. Making art with it feels like…Read More »

CGBoost – Robotic Planet Complete Course 2024 Download

By | January 15, 2024

Struggling with the complexities of creating hard-surface models in Blender? That is why we created our comprehensive Robotic Planet course for Blender, designed to equip you with time saving and essential skills for everything hard-surface, all using free tools. This course is…Read More »

CGBoost – Creature Forge Course Complete 2023 Download

By | November 14, 2023

Create epic, lifelike creatures in Blender. After learning the basics of sculpting in Blender, you might have made some nice models, but wonder, what comes next? How do I bring my 3D sculptures to life? That is what Creature Forge is all…Read More »

CGBoost – Master 3D Sculpting in Blender Course 2023 Download

By | November 14, 2023

CGBoost – Master 3D Sculpting in Blender Complete Course Crack 2023 Free Download Master the sculpting fundamentals and bring your own sculptures to life. Do you want to create 3D sculptures you can be proud of? Are free Blender sculpting tutorials on…Read More »

CGBoost – Master 3D Environments in Blender FREE 2023 Download

By | October 25, 2023

Did you ever want to create movie like environments for your 3D projects? Everyone likes epic movie shots of beautiful landscapes, right? Well, now you can learn how to create those in Blender. No paid add-ons, assets or other expensive software needed.…Read More »

CGBoost Cubic Worlds Low Poly Animations in Blender Course Download

By | August 9, 2023

CG Boost Cubic Worlds Create Stunning Low Poly Animations in Blender Complete Course Free Fast Download 2023 Learn how to tell your stories with low poly animations in Blender. Cubic worlds is just that. This course teaches you how to build and…Read More »