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Some CinePacks – LUTS Pre Cracked FULL Download

By | October 25, 2021

CINEMATIC COLORS 30 custom high quality LUTS that can be used for music videos, narrative films, documentaries, weddings, and general video edits. TRANSFORM YOUR FOOTAGE These LUTS emulate the characteristics of high quality motion picture film looks. It’s the easiest way to…Read More »

The LUT Bundle Full Pack Crack Download

By | April 26, 2020

Upgrade your content through a collection of color grading files from the best creators in the game. @aaronbhall, @alenpalandar, @alliemichellel, @benjaminortega, @benn_tk, @chrisrogers, @christian.mate.grab, @downtofilm, @emmett_sparling, @giarogiarratana, @jakeirish_, @matiasderada, @mattkomo, @moliverallen, @nadiadamaso_, @nainoalanger, @nathan_mc, @nolanomura, @notjvck, @robstrok, @rorykramer, @samkolder, @thatoneblondkid, @valdays, @visualsofjulius…Read More »

Triune Digital CINEMATIC LUTS V4 Full Crack Download

By | April 25, 2020

CINEMATIC LUTS V4 INCLUDES: 35 Movie-inspired LUTs – Joker, 1917, Avengers Endgame, The Lighthouse, IT 2, John Wick 3, 6 Underground, Once Upon a Time in Hollywood, Knives Out, Shazam!, Us, and many more! Alexa, REDLog, Blackmagic, Canon C-Log, V-Log L, S-Log2,…Read More »

These 3 LUTS Pack will make your life easier! Download FREE!

By | November 23, 2019

this list includes three of the dope luts that i found recently, they can be used on Photoshop, After Effects and Final cut pro as well! tho all of them might not work on all editors, check them by your self. FCP+PS+AE…Read More »

Cinematica 25 LUTs The Preset Factory PAID Crack Download

By | November 22, 2019

Distinct Cinematic Color Grading 25 cinematic LUTs to give your footage a professional-grade emulating the “teal and orange” look of Hollywood. Inspired by our Cine Collection presets for Photography, we’ve created these series of. CUBE and .3DL LUTs that come in both…Read More »

Lens Distortions Finishing LUTS PAID Crack Download

By | November 22, 2019

Finishing LUTs | Unify every frame with a cohesive color palette For years, people have inquired about the cinematic color grades of Lens Distortions’ videos. Good color is not rocket science, though it is technically color science… we believe good color is…Read More »