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Here we go again, but this time the course is bigger, better, and there’s a whole lot of new stuff, including a full interior. My past car modeling training has been studied by designers from industry giants like Hyundai, Volvo, and Ford, as well as from top gaming and film companies all over the world. And now I’ve taken those techniques and made them even better. In this step-by-step course we’ll tackle an amazing car design by professional designer Lee Rosario, and I’ll show you new ways to solve even the trickiest hard surface challenges with ease as we build this awesome car together from the first vertex to the final renders.

So join me in this car creation journey, and learn tons of techniques for hard surface modeling, shading, rendering, and compositing, all inside the free open source 3D software, Blender.

The Guide Mesh Technique – Updated!
Subsurface modeling is an essential workflow for hard surface artists, but can quickly become a headache when adding details or cutouts to your model. Any modifications can easily ruin a curved surface, making the entire process frustrating and time-consuming. In this course, I’ll show you a completely non-destructive technique I developed that avoids these problems entirely, so you can maintain your perfect curves without any hassle. Not only can you achieve perfect and seamless reflections more easily, but the workflow is actually enjoyable and much faster when you don’t have to worry about every detail affecting your final result.

These techniques have also been significantly updated since my last course, making them easier and better than ever, and bringing us to the final evolution of what I call the Guide Mesh Technique.

Using a Guide Mesh to maintain perfect reflections throughout all panels of the car.

Advanced Modeling Techniques
You’ll learn about countless other modeling techniques and tools in this course as well, like how insanely powerful Blender’s modifiers can be for complex modeling tasks. Modifiers are essential to an efficient and non-destructive workflow, and I’ll show you a ton of different and unique ways to use them and combine them.

Modifiers have unlimited potential for making your life easier.

And with so many different parts of a car to model, we’ll need to approach different challenges using different modeling techniques, so you’ll gain a thorough understanding of the thought process and how using the right tools the right way can save you a lot of time and effort.

Knowing the right tools to use can give you perfect results fast.

Core Modeling Principles
Not only will you learn about advanced techniques that take the quality of your models to the next level, but we’ll also dive deep into learning the core principles behind subsurface modeling and polygon modeling in general. Good modeling begins with a comprehensive understanding of the fundamentals like topology, efficiency, and what tools are best for the job.

On top of that, you’ll learn about the thought process behind each step of the modeling process. Visualizing how the model should look in the end and being able to simplify complex modeling challenges each step of the way are all critical to an effective workflow.

Thinking ahead and planning out your topology is crucial for a successful project.

The Final Renders
After all the hard work that goes into the model, the next step is setting it up for renders you can be proud of. Getting the final render looking just right can bring out the best in your model and truly reflect your skills as a 3D artist.

We’ll dive into all the elements that make a great render you can show off, including rigging the wheels and doors so we can pose them, creating highly customizable procedural shaders like realistic car paint with metallic flakes, setting up lighting and an environment, getting the perfect camera angles, and using Blender’s compositing nodes to make the final shot really pop. And with plenty of room for customization, and several environments and lighting setups included in the training, you’ll be able to make the results your own.

What you see here and in the gallery are actual results from the course!

Subtitles Coming Soon
This course is in English and will include English subtitles when the course is complete. If you would like subtitles in a different language then email me and let me know. I plan on offering automatic translations for other languages as well. 

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