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Pack contains 36 photoscanned 3D assets from OLD SHIPYARD + OLD TOWN pack, and 3 blender scenes (without the characters, check here for more information: )
For most of them I’ve prepared low and high poly versions, with single 4K and up to 20x4k textures per model, as some of them are huge in scale and perfect for that texture juice in FG/MG and some are messy, usable only in BG. Assets are NOT GAME READY, they’re meant for concept art :) Most of the backs are hollow and THERE ARE GLOOPS :)
Use the assets however you want, I’m just setting one license.

/YES, you’re getting all the assets from in this pack, AND OLD TOWN assets, I’d love to add more photos to the product images, but artstation doesn’t allow more than 7 pics :))


shipyard-boat – 150k verts / 4k & 8x4k textures
shipyard-boatbuilding – 100k & 2.5m verts / 4k & 17x4k textures
shipyard-ruinedlongwarehouse – 100k & 570k & 2.5m verts / 4k & 5x4k & 20x4k textures + blender tweaked
shipyard-facade – 200k verts / 6x4k & 2×4 textures + blender tweaked
shipyard-facade-2 – 205k verts / 4x3k textures
shipyard-facade-3 – 85k verts & 1m verts / 4x4k & 4x5k textures
shipyard-facade-4-huge – 230k verts / 4x4k textures
shipyard-pavement – albedo and displacement maps, 4k
shipyard-crane – 100k verts / 4k & 6x4k + blender tweaked (too messy to use in FG)
shipyard-crane-tall – 100k verts / 4k + blender tweaked (too messy to use in FG, although the bottom part of it is great)
oldtown-2buildings – multiple textures, only for BG, throwing this one as an extra
oldtown-restricted – multiple textures and versions, I love this building and couldn’t scan every detail of it as the security guard kept chasing me
oldtown-roof – 100k & 250k verts / 7x4k textures – it has a cool roof, but the same guard was chasing me
oldtown-building1-back – 100k &1.2m / 4k & 4x4k textures
oldtown-building1-front- 100k & 1m / 4k & 6x4k textures
oldtown-greeblestreet – 40k & 500k / 4k & 7x4k textures + blender tweaked
oldtown-dilapidated – 100k & 500k & 2.5m / 4k & 5x4k textures
oldtown-warehouse – 500k / 10x4k textures – this one was scanned under strong sunlight
oldtown-constructiongreeble – a lot of assets to get out of this one, multiple parts, textures, polycount
shipyard-junction-box-1 – 150k & 1m verts / 4x4k & 10x4k textures
shipyard-junction-box-2 – 450k verts / 3x4k textures
shipyard-junction-box-3 – 250k verts / 5x4k textures
shipyard-greeble-1 – 125k / 4x4k textures
shipyard-greeble-2 – 500k verts / 2x4k textures
shipyard-greeble-3 – 400k verts / 2x4k textures
shipyard-greeble-4 – 400k verts / 5x4k textures
shipyard-metal-construction-1 – 100k / 4x4k textures
shipyard-metal-construction-3 – 200k / 4x4k textures
oldtown-construction greeble parts – 2*500k / 2*4k textures
multiple boxes/containers – 12-26k / not scans, but models with textures :)
Formats: *.fbx and *.blend, Albedo and Normal maps, a lot of the models have blender tweaked roughness maps created from albedo 

Downloads: please support author by purchasing if you can afford it


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