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WARNING: Fluent will transform you into an Elite Monster among hard surface artists. If you do not want to be elite, do not buy this tool. (amazing intro, dev! i will give you that)

With more than 40 updates in 2 years, Fluent is an actively developed tool. Changelog

Create, edit and complete your work.
Create Edit/Cut Complete
Need more than a cutter, discover Fluent : Power Trip
Fluent : Power Trip is an extended version of Fluent which allows the addition of plates, wires, pipes and grid.

Add plates for instantly more detailed models. Place cables in just 2 clicks and access a lot of customizations + gravity simulation. Positioning pipes has never been easier. Turn any cut into a grid. Fluent comes with 14 grid styles, fully adjustable. Turn any face into a cloth panel.
Why Fluent is the greatest tool ever made ?

A slick interface with a simple menu. It’s all you need.

Accurate drawing
Fluent’s snapping grid and precision tools allow you to aim perfectly at any section of a polygon or edge. Fluent is the ideal solution for advanced hard surface work. Guaranteed to bullseye womp rats at a thousand yards.

Completely Non-destructive
If you’re knee-deep in details and after 30 hours you want to change something, don’t worry. No, you don’t have to cry. Fluent is completely non-destructive! It’s all modifiers, baby! Feel free to go back and adjust any parameter as you bring your idea to life.

Get Fast. Real Fast.
As you become more fluent in Fluent, you will start using its handy hotkeys. With a bit of time and practice, you’ll get so fast that your friends will think you’re a Jedi in a Power Ranger outfit going Super Saiyan.

Smart Tools
Fluent was designed with a high level of efficiency in mind. The addon will take care of your work and remember your settings. As an example, boolean have their own collections, boolean objects have color ID’s, and bevel settings are remembered for later use.

Zero Learning Curve
You can start by diving in and exploring the tool directly. You’re guaranteed to start figuring things out in just a few minutes, even without a tutorial. When you want to go deeper and see what other secrets Fluent has in store, go to our dedicated YouTube channel for detailed documentation and step-by-step tutorials.

Some features


Rectangle/Square from corner/center.
Random shape.
Solid of revolution.
Every face of the model are drawing plans.


Fly menu, all edition tools are here and only here, do not search everywhere.
Mirror and array widget for easy direction selection.
All informations on the screen, to know everything everytime.
No visual pollution, see only what you need when you need.
Everything is in the viewport.
Automatic bevel resolution, stop wasting your time to set each bevel segments.

Accurate drawing

Display the snap grid on everyface.
A menu to easly adjust the resolution, the scale and the rotation of the grid.
Align the grid along an edges to draw in the edge direction.
Use the grid to make solids of rotation.
Direction snap during the hand drawing.
Non destructive workflow

Circular array, symetrize, inset, linear array, mirror…
3 level of bevels and 2 level of solidify.
Smart tool box to manage whole the model in one click

Duplicate tool.
Boolean synchronization, to spread the adjustment to every duplicated object.
Global bevel factor, to increase/decrease each bevel of the model.
Bevel resolution, one click to adjust the bevel segments of everything.
Auto-boolean support making, to fix classic boolean error.
Auto-complete, to apply modifiers and get a freezed mesh.
Model incredibly detailed models with the Power Trip version

Add plates.
Place pipes between two faces with 2 clicks.
Place wires between two faces. Wiht only 2 clicks, 6 models.
Add grids in any holes cutted with Fluent. 14 models of grids.
Add fabric panels with only 2 clicks. 

Downloads: pls buy & support the dev!

Filename: fluent_2_0_0_power_trip patch

Download :

Official Discord :

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