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What is the CinePack?
A huge collection of pre-animated, fully customisable, professional camera moves created for Blender — Designed to boost production values and save time!

Easily import into your scene, camera moves typically found in Hollywood Movies, Motion Graphics, Adverts and VFX Shots which have been designed by a cinematographer with over 10+ years experience in the film industry. You will wonder how you ever managed without CinePack!

Includes over 100+ Camera Moves across 9 categories:


Why use the Cinepack? — Speed up your Workflow!

Increase production values instantly for any project without any prior experience needed in animation, keyframing or camerawork.
A simple, but powerful tool to enhance your Blender project!
No setting up cameras, parenting objects, animating movements or any of that… you just pick the shot and Cinepack does the rest.
All the camera moves are infinitely customisable, so you can either use the camera moves as they come, or edit in anyway to suit your needs. You can use the camera moves as groundwork’s for more complex camera moves. See previews of all moves instantly.

Works with both CYCLES and EEVEE!

Camera move example below imported from CinePack:

Blender Scene by William Landgren

Simple User Interface:

Cinepack’s brand new custom UI is a massive time saver! Simply choose your camera move, hit IMPORT — that’s it!

1-Click Import
Instant HD Previews
Organised Into Categories
Animate / Change Field of View within Cinepack
Depth of Field Checkbox within UI

– New Features –
Search Bar
Camera Target Select

See example below:

Use for ANY kind of project!

Use some of the cinematic movements to add crucial production values to your short film scene… add subtle movements from the zoom folder to add visual interest for your music video… or maybe try out some of the chaotic moves in your next Blender simulation or motion graphics project? The possibilities are endless!

Cinepack includes 9 categories of camera moves to choose from, each containing many moves within them — these camera moves have been crafted to enhance your project quickly and easily by utilising knowledge obtained by a cinematographer who has worked in the film industry for over 10 years.

Product Reels
Music Videos
Short Films
VFX Shots
Architectural Videos
Video Games
Text Animations
Motion Graphics

Add Dynamic Motion into Your VFX Shots!

Instant 360 degree turntables to showcase your models!

Achieve True Cinematic Camera Moves with EASE:

100+ Camera Moves Included:

(More added every month)


Dolly Shot
Reverse Dolly Shot
Birds Eye Twist
Crane Shot Side
Crane Shot Sweep
360 Pan + Tilt
180 Degree Pan
90 Degree Pan
Track Back Pan Down
Track Back Pan up
Push Forward Pan Down
Push Forward Pan Up
Pan Back + Flip
Pan Back + Flip (Handheld)
J Move Up
J Move Down
L Move Up
L Move Down
Spiral Up
Spiral Down
360 Track
Slide Right
Slide Left
Slide Up
Slide Down
Under To Above


Automatic Gun Fire
Base Jump FPV
Bleeding Out
Fall Backwards
Look Around
Static Handheld Subtle
Turn, Look Up
Jet Pass 01
Jet Pass 02


Pan Down
Pan Up
Pan Left
Pan Left Handheld
Pan Right
Pan Right Handheld
Scenic Pan Left
Scenic Pan Right

Pushes + Pulls:

Fast Pull
Long Pull
Medium Pull
Pull Handheld
Slow Pull
Pull Rise
Pull to Birds Eye
Twist Pull
Fast Push
Long Push
Medium Push
Push Handheld
Slow Push
Push Sink
Twist Push
Push To Sky
Push To Ground


Flyover Zoom
Helicopter Flyover_001
Helicopter Flyover_002
Slow Flyover
Mini Spy Drone


Contra-Zoom 2
Fast Zoom
Handheld Zoom In
Handheld Zoom Out
Slow Zoom
Twist Zoom
Zoom In Pan Left
Zoom In Pan Right
Zoom Out Pan Up
Zoom In Pan Down
Sinister Twist Zoom In
Sinister Twist Zoom Out


Backwards Running
Drunk Cam
Static Handheld Subtle
Forwards Running
Sideways Running
Traffic Weaving
Missile Strike
Curved Missile Strike
Space Camera Floating
Space Camera Floating 2
Space Camera Floating 3
Spinning In Space
Fast Car Flyby (left to right)
Fast Car Flyby (right to left)
Handheld Transition Right
Handheld Transition Left



Every month more camera moves will be added to the CinePack! Meaning once purchased, the choice of moves will greatly expand over time, FREE of charge! Be sure to check in every month to re-download the newest pack.


Everyone likes a little extra something! The CinePack also includes a FREE CableCam, which can be parented to any object in your scene for perfect tracking shots… perfect for any cinematic masterpiece!

Other Extras Include:

Adjusting Focal Point
Rack Focus (Fast)
Rack Focus (Slow)
Light Poles
Ring Light
3-Point Lighting 

Downloads: pls buy & support the dev!

for password join discord for free.

Official Discord :

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