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How to Download Files From IntoUpload Site – Tutorial For ultraVFX Users

it’s just a quick tutorial for every user of this ultravfx website. many people are complaining and i can understand as intoupload ads are the worst and they are not pretty good compared to other for example, openupload zippyshare etc intoupload has a lot of ads and it sucks, badly. anyways let me tell you the correct way to download any file which is uploaded on intoupload.

but why do i use intoupload of all sites? well actually thats because they do not delete my uploaded files even if it goes against DMCA, this is the only reason i use their site or i could have used sites like zippyshare openload or many other sites. so basically, intoupload dmca savagery is better than any other file hosting.

lets get started! first of all turn off your adblocker if you are using any, otherwise you wont be able to download any file from intoupload.

1. is open any intoupload link in our case lets just use this vray for cinema 4d 3.6 latest as of now.

click on this link and open it. once its opened, simply uncheck the Download Addons button and complete captcha by simply clickin’ on I’m human.

look at this screenshot:

Now press on Download Now button and once the page has loaded up completely click on the grye download button as shown in this another time consuming screenshot i took for your sake. yare yare


man these websites are full of shitty ads just look at this intoupload shitness?! unbelievable! anyways, once you click on that button you will be able to download.

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  1. Mark


    I’m struggling with element 3D files. I’ve downloaded a file on my mac and placed in the plugin folder but hasnt been added and i’m not sure how to do it properly.

    Any chance you could help?

    Thanks in advance!


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