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Adobe CCMaker 1.34 + Patch – All Adobe CC Programs 2018 EASY! CLEAN

CCMaker, for those who dont know, basically DL’s and patches the CC apps you choose, simple as that. It’s mostly all automated, with little user input needed. (This can be problematic for some as it will install the apps to the default C:/Program files/adobe folder.) But for me this was as fine a place as any to install.

So, after more digging I realized as I had a fresh install of Windows I would need to install all the Microsoft Visual C++ runtime packages to insure CCMaker can work as intended, so I have included those with the program, as well as a list of addresses to block in your host file.

Here was my complete process, as many threads here neglect to inform us of what EXACTLY was done to get stuff to work:

-disabled UAC
-internet left on to be able to DL the apps through CCMaker

-launched CCmaker as an admin, a list of available apps appears
-chose the newest CC apps by navigating to the bottom of each program list, usually it just says like “Photoshop CC”, take care to get the newset version number instance of each program. Its not hard to find what you need.
-chose a place for CCMaker to temporarily install the downloaded apps

-I had to only interact with one choice after that, whatever app was chosen first it will ask to allow DL- In my case it was AfterEffects CC, it asks if you want to install and patch now, just install, or just patch-nice to have options! I chose of course “install and patch”

-I did not choose to bundle to Master Collection, it was by default not selected so I didnt want to mess anything up

-After that it DL’d ALL the apps and patched them. Sweet!

It really was that easy.

I then turned off the internet, and modified my host file.

to edit your hosts file, navigate to C:\Windows\System32\Drivers\etc, copy the hosts file to your desktop, add a .txt extenstion to it, and open with notepad. Then proceed to append any additions you want. When completed, you can remove the .txt extension and copy back into the original directory


CCMaker 1.34 plus Microsoft Visual C++
.bat included to install all Visual c++ in one go

adobe killer host file additions:

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