By | September 10, 2018

Lynda 3Ds Max 2018 New Features Full Course FREE Download CLEAN LINKS!

3Ds Max 2018 includes several new features for content creation and visualization. Notably, the Arnold renderer replaces mental ray as the high-end global illumination render engine. In this course, take a first look at materials, lighting, and rendering in Arnold. Examine the new features introduced in 3ds Max 2017 updates, such as the Data Channel Modifier and the Blended Box Map. Additionally, see how easy it is to customize the user interface. By the end of this course, you’ll have received an overview of what’s new in 3ds Max 2018.

Topics include:

  • Interactively customizing the interface
  • Processing mesh information with Data Channel
  • Projecting textures with Blended Box Map
  • Editing position animation with Motion Paths
  • Configuring Arnold for performance and compatibility
  • Optimizing render time with Arnold settings
  • Lighting with Arnold
  • Applying a filter to an Arnold light
  • Shading with the Arnold Standard Surface material


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