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Skatter 1.2.1 For SketchUp 2014-2015-2016-2017 Full Crack Download CLEAN!

Skatter Populatep your scenes with UNLIMITED Vegetation with TOTAL CONTROL all while SAVING TIME and never leave SKETCHUP!


Through its “Render only” feature, Skatter sends all the scattering information directly to the render engines, bypassing Sketchup. That way, you keep a lightweight and responsive file while still being able to render huge amounts of objects.


Go back and edit your work at any time. Every option and parameter is saved, so there’s no need to delete everything and restart from scratch.


Create huge grass fields in just 4 clicks. Expect regular free updates with awesome new content (more vegetation, trees, gravel, carpets, etc).


Thanks to dozens of options and parameters. Yet keep things simple with the adaptive UI. See the list of features below.

The brainchild of Architect and 3D Artist Thomas Hauchecorne and brought to you by 3D Artist and ArchVIZ Blogger Ronen Bekerman, Skatter is made to fit your needs!


Define precise areas where you want to distribute or not the scattered objects, by using SketchUp curves and objects, or by painting them yourself.


Distribute objects randomly, on a grid, or a mix of the two, on vertices, faces, etc. Use altitude, slope, and collisions parameters to fine tune the distribution. Use probabilities when scattering multiple types of objects, to define precise mixtures.

Downloads: Updated dec 2020


74 Replies to “Skatter 1.2.1 For SketchUp 2014-15-16-2017 Full Crack Download!”

        1. Zaid Sparrow Post author

          i see. i’m sorry but i’m still looking for some legit instruction but havent found any thing yet, can you please try figuring it out your self and help us too? or wait for me to find it.

      1. ZAIN



      1. Brian lima

        If I update the plugin will I lose the Full Crack ?

        1. Zaid Sparrow Post author

          as far as i know yes. we are not supposed to update cracked stuff because the update simply removes the patch/crack (95% times)

          1. Brian lima

            If I upgrade and then make the crack? Or crack and only for that version?

          2. Zaid Sparrow Post author

            i think this is just for this. wait sometime once i have found the latest crack for latest skatter, i will update this post.

  1. an cao

    Can you show me the youtube video how to crack, many thanks.

  2. nathan

    is aimp was the crack file ? and i cant find the activation tab for the activation code

  3. Susan

    Good morning, I’m from Brazil and I apologize for my bad English. I need the KIT – Laubwerk plants, but KIT 3 is not available. Could you send it to my email? Please!! Zaid Sparrow..
    * email removed by editor*

    1. Zaid Sparrow Post author

      susan, dont put email address publicly in comments. btw, plants kit will be available in some time dont worry i think its Kit 6 and 7 for windows. :)

    1. Zaid Sparrow Post author

      How to install –

      1. simply is using offline active. copy request code and paste in here

      2. before click genenerate active code make sure “I dont have a serial, want to try the demo” had ticked.
      3. active code show up . the end of active code must look like this:

      rCxRT1/YzDwHwA== _DEMO1457995396_

      4. delete _DEMO1457995396_ and copy the rest active code to your skatter . that it…. enjoy.

      This intruction is similar intruction from Yusuff but u need to change file.

  4. syahir

    Hi Zaid,

    I followed your instructions and it worked perfectly. Just for 15 days though. I’ve successfully cracked it , it said activated. but after 15 days, i tried to use it, but nothing appeared. 0 objects. I’ve found out that the skatter developer knows about this. Now, your instructions doesnt work for me. The Developer said something like this in their website .FAQs.

    Is it the demo or do you have a license?
    it is a demo
    Did you try to crack it? If yes, then this is normal…

      1. victor

        how can i do it? Every time that i reinstall the skatter, he is already cracked.

          1. Lam

            Dear sir,
            I installed and tried 15 days,
            Then I removed and reinstalled, but notice that I tried and need to buy.
            How can I use it?
            I deleted the file

  5. Lam

    Dear sir!
    I uninstalled the previous installer after I could not use it (including removing all related)
    Now I reinstall according to your instructions, everything is perfect.
    Except for the notice that I have used up 15 days and can not continue.
    Please help me.
    ERROR : You already have tried Skatter Demo. You can buy a license at

      1. virus

        yeah, but where to download the file. All i get is the cube installer which is obviously malware. so either you and your site is are fake, or you supply a downloadlink that doesnt connect to infested sites.

          1. arch

            Hi Zaid, Im getting an error 403 FORBIDDEN. Any solution for that?

  6. Carlos Gomez

    I couldnt download the file. I am using vpn. Everything goes perfect until the creation of the downloading link. It never appears. What would I might be doing wrong sr?

      1. Carlos Gomez

        I dont know! I saw u recommended previously, but yesI dont have the problem of forbidden stuff… just my download doesnt start.

          1. Carlos Gomez

            No, I am not any guy…. I new here, I just saying my download link doest start after I click in the robot button and wait the seconds needed it… It jump to another tab showing that a link was created but nothinng happens man. are u saying i have to wait more for download appears? why dont use Megalink or something more popular? I am really interested in this program. please help

      2. shah fahad

        hi , i followed your steps for reinstalling, but when i deactivate the license from skatter window in sketchup it shows an ERROR that no such file or directory in C>program data>skatter >license>
        as i have remove it completely.
        so what should i do now .
        please help me out/

        Update:I fixed it
        hi sir , i find an easy way to crack it. when we install skatter and start the demo version, they give us the license file, and we will have to place the file in
        drive “C”>program data>skatter>license
        then ope that license file in notepad and edit it and delete “DEMO1457995396” and then press ctrl+s. and restart the sketchup .

        **comment edited by admin to explain the issue**

  7. Riss

    Skatter started to crash
    tried to reinstall
    when using your method of crack with offline activation giver me:

    ERROR : You already have tried Skatter Demo. You can buy a license at

    What to do?

  8. henrique

    Is there any movie that teaches you how to do the procedure? movie tutoring?

  9. Vinc

    Clear content.
    I tried and succeeded. And i tried to sign in to tks U. I love U <3

  10. Eduardo

    Eu estou tentando reativar o meu skatter, tinha usado esse método antes e sempre funcionou, quando parava de funcionar eu simplesmente apagava as pastas e reinstalava, mas dessa vez mesmo apagando a pasta dele do program file e até mesmo da roaming, quando reinstalo ele dá o erro de que já testei a versão demo. Devo estar deixando passar algum arquivo no pc pra ele identificar isso, mas já procurei em tudo. Pode me ajudar?

    1. Zaid Sparrow Post author

      Eu postei este programa há muito tempo e não o usei por um longo tempo, por isso não posso ajudá-lo porque não me lembro de nada. você deve ler todos os comentários nesta página.


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