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RedShift 2.0.79 + plugins Full Crack Download + RLM Setup Tutorial CLEAN!

Redshift is the world’s fastest renderer built to meet the specific demands of contemporary high-end production rendering.
By leveraging the incredible computing performance and efficiency of the GPU, Redshift dramatically speeds up rendering, resulting in faster iteration and lower costs.
Tailored to support creative individuals and studios of every size, Redshift offers a suite of powerful features and integrates with industry-standard CG applications.

NOTE: this program itself doesnt have any crack, so we will make it work using Cracked RLM. install and use rlm which is given below

Biased GPU renderer

Experience lightning fast rendering and reduced noise thanks to approximation and interpolation.

Unparalleled speed

Tap into the power of GPU-accelerated rendering and bring your ideas to life with quick iterations.

Supports multiple GPUs

Make use of all compatible GPUs in your machine – even if you mix and match models and generations.

Out of core rendering

Utilize your system’s RAM when your VRAM is maxed out.

Node-based shading

Achieve photorealistic or highly stylized renders via a powerful and flexible shader system.

Proxies & instances

Render billions of polygons without crashes or memory errors.

Camera modes

Access a full suite of camera modes, from perspective to stereo spherical for VR.

AOV support

Enjoy Arbitrary Output Variables support for standard and advanced outputs, suitable for deep compositing.

Unlimited updates

Stay updated with latest builds via active maintenance, ensuring peak performance and compatibility.

Redshift is a biased renderer.  Redshift uses approximation and interpolation techniques to achieve noise-free results with relatively few samples, making it much faster than unbiased rendering.

Redshift supports several biased global illumination techniques including:

  • Brute Force GI
  • Photon Mapping (with Caustics)
  • Irradiance Cache (similar to Irradiance Map and Final Gather)
  • Irradiance Point Cloud (similar to Importons and Light Cache)

You choose the techniques that work best for your particular scene.

Downloads: new update 13/oct/2017 2.5.32

07/may/2017 update link below :Redshift 2.0.79

Redshift 2.0.76 + RLM

Redshift 2.0.70

RLM Fix only:

mirror RLM fix:


Redshift C4d v2.0.79 alpha

INSTRUCTIONS:1 – Install Redshift

2 – Extract the RLM folder to THIS location “C:\redshift_rlm”
(the root of your C: drive)

3 – Open a command-prompt as Administrator
Windows buttom + x > select prompt comand (admin) .
Windows buttom > type “cmd” > RMB (right mouse button) on app “Command Prompt” > “Run as administrator”

4- In the Shell window type “pushd C:\redshift_rlm”
(no quotes!! you can RMB Copy and RMB paste in the shell window)

5 – In the Shell window type “rlm -install_service -service_name RLM-Redshift -dlog +rlm.log”
(no quotes!! you can RMB Copy and RMB paste in the shell window)

5- You must then start the RLM-Redshift service (only required the first time).
5.1 – Windows buttom > Type “services” > Open “Services”

5.2 – Look for “RLM-Redshift service” in the long list.

5.3 – RMB (Right Mouse Button) click on it > Select “Start”

6 – Create a System Environment Variable:

6.1 For Windows 7, open the Start Menu and right click on Computer. Select Properties.
For Windows 10, right click on the Start Menu and select System.

6.2 Select Advanced system settings.
6.3 In the Advanced tab > “Environment Variables”
6.4 System Variables > “New”
6.5 You will now be able to enter the environmental variable.

name: redshift_LICENSE
value: 5053@localhost

6. Select OK. You should now see the new Environmental Variable that you created.



Setting up your license server

System Requirements

The machine you designate as your license server must meet the following requirements:

  • All client workstations and render nodes which will be rendering with Redshift must be able to connect to the license server via TCP/IP.
  • The license server can run on Windows (XP, 7 or 8) 32-bit or 64-bit.
  • The license server must be a physical machine, not a virtual machine.

Installing the RLM license server

Download the Redshift license server bundle here (Linux 64-bit),here (Windows 64-bit) or here (Windows 32-bit). Extract the files from the bundle and move them to a folder on your license server machine. The location of the folder is not important.
Installing your license key

Place the license key file you receive from Redshift support to the same folder that contains the extracted RLM server bundle files on your license server. This is the folder that contains the rlm executable (rlm.exe).
Starting the RLM license server

The license server can be run from the command-line, or can be set up to run as a windows service so that it automatically starts when you boot your server. Running from the command-line is convenient for testing, but we recommend running the RLM server as a service once it’s been confirmed to be working.
Running the RLM license server from the command line

From the command-line, change directory to the folder which contains the Redshift RLM server files.
pushd C:\redshift_rlm
Run the license server executable, specifying the log folder.
rlm -dlogrlm.log
Running the RLM license server as a Windows service

Installing a service usually requires administrative privileges. Open a command-prompt as Administrator. From the command-line, change directory to the folder which contains the Redshift RLM server files.
pushd C:\redshift_rlm
Then run the following command to tell the rlm server to install itself as a service.
rlm -install_service -service_name RLM-Redshift -dlog +rlm.log
You must then start the RLM-Redshift service (only required the first time).
net start RLM-Redshift
Customizing the license server port

The RLM license server uses port 5053 by default. You can change the default port by editing your license file, then restarting the RLM server.
The example license file below has modified the RLM server port to 5055.
HOST localhost 0BABE00BABE0 5055
ISV redshift
LICENSE redshift redshift-core 2014.01 permanent 1 share=h min_timeout=120 start=1-jan-2014 customer=00001 issued=1-jan-2014 replace _ck=acdabe28ba ig=”c2N25465jtQi~5Ar=9X01G7Y3WDnqCIc0ihvHoGFcK6be~3eqa +RM1szUTU+Zg”
Serving Redshift licenses from an existing license server

If you are already running an RLM license server on your network for another software package, you may be able to configure it to serve your Redshift licenses. Redshift will not work with RLM server versions before v10.0BL2.
If your existing server meets these requirements, simply copy redshift.set and redshift.opt(available here and also including in the RLM license server bundles) along with your license key to the same folder that contains the existing rlm.exe, then restart the RLM server.
Setting up your client machines

Workstations and render nodes are referred to as clients for the purposes of licensing. You must configure each client machine so that it can find the license server and checkout licenses.
You do this by defining an environment variable redshift_LICENSE (note that the lowercase ‘redshift’ is important). This environment variable will specify the hostname or ip address of the license server as well as the port number using the syntax port@hostnameor port@ip-address. The default port for the RLM server is 5053, but can be customized if necessary (for example to prevent conflicts with other RLM license servers running on the same machine). See Customizing the license server port above for more details.
The RLM Web Server

The RLM server provides a web based interface for license server administration.. The web server is started automatically when rlm.exe is running. By default, the web server listens on port 5054. To use the web interface, simply point your web browser to


on the license server.

System Environment Variable



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    1. Zaid Sparrow Post author

      hi there! this file is 100% legit, tested and working! here is some technical stuff for you. ok listen, sometimes anti virus gives you False-Positive alarms(google this) because you are using a crack/patch. but false positive is not a virus alarm. so you can download and use.

  1. spartan

    HI could you reup the it on sendspace…it says file not found

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    Can you help me ? and explain thoses steps ? or make a video ?

  3. bogdy

    How can I activate it on Cinema 4D?
    On materials for example it have an watermark

    1. Zaid Sparrow Post author

      this is very complicated i have never tried it. but my friends are using and it works fine. join our group and ask there.

  4. Faith98

    Wow, I dont usually make comments in internet but this time I must be thankful!
    The installation was a pain in the ass, and I even deleted the bootmgr accidentally, but after an hour I finally installed it, and it works great! It’s faster than vray, tho it has less control with passes. I can’t compare it to vray RT 3.5 since I can’t find any crack for it.
    Redshift can be used with nvidia gpus(with cuda) only.

  5. Kazzz

    “Place the license key file you receive from Redshift support..”

    Do you mean the Redshift Licensing Tool?

  6. temur

    Can`t install Redshift
    After License Agreement, have an error window:
    “Compatibility check failed!
    OpenImageIO-1.6.17-vc100.dll not found.
    Either the installer is broken, or something (Antivirus?) prevented
    OpenImageIO-1.6.17-vc100.dll from being copied to your system.
    Redshift will not run correctly on this system without solving this error.


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