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Shooter Suite 13.1.1 Red Giant After Effects  Full Crack Winx64 Torrent Download Clean

Shooter Suite 13.1.1 From Red Giant (x64)

Bring your footage from set to post with confidence. Red Giant Shooter Suite is a set of tools that gives you the freedom to shoot the way you want, with the confidence that your footage will make it from your camera to the editing timeline safe, sound and in sync.

Audio/Video Sync in Seconds. No clapboards or timecode needed.

– The most accurate A/V sync available for any NLE.
– Syncs audio and video with the touch of a single button.
– Sync directly in Adobe Premiere Pro.

Simple & reliable backup of your footage in the field.

– Easy to use and makes sure your files are safe.
– Works with virtually every camera, card, and format.
– Compares your backup to the original, verifying an exact copy.

Upconvert video to 4K resolution and other high-resolution formats.

– Better results than scaling tools provided by host applications.
– Simple resolution presets that make it easy to upconvert.
– Up to 400% faster than Instant HD.

Deinterlace your older footage and convert it to 24P.

– Fast field-blending algorithm for quick results.
– High quality motion-adaptive algorithm for intelligent smoothing.
– De-artifacts and repairs lost color information in DV and HDV footage.

New in Shooter Suite 13:
Shooter Suite 13 includes four products, including the all-new PluralEyes 4, our indispensible tool for audio/video sync in seconds, and works with any non-linear editor. Shooter Suite also includes Offload, Instant 4K and Frames. This update includes many new features in Red Giant PluralEyes, as well as integration between PluralEyes 4 and Offload.

– Entirely New User Interface
– More Automated than ever before
– Premiere Pro Panel
– Smart Start
– Automatic Drift Correction
– Vertical Waveform Scaling
– Track Comparisons
– Keyboard Shortcuts
– Color Coding
– Integration with Offload


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