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Mootzoid emReader v1.250 for Cinema 4D – AMPED Full Crack Direct Download

emReader is a plugin which loads indexed geometry cache files.

The geometry cache files are only referenced (instead of imported) and directly passed to the 3D application or the renderer when needed

emReader Addon / Plugin / Extension (v.1.250)
Compatibility:Cinema 4D R17, Cinema 4D R18, Fabric Engine 2.2, Fabric Engine 2.3, Fabric Engine 2.4, Maya 2012, Maya 2013, Maya 2014, Maya 2015, Maya 2016, Maya 2016 Extension 2, Maya 2017, MODO 901, MODO 10, Softimage 2012, Softimage 2013, Softimage 2014, Softimage 2015
License Model:Fabric, Maya, Modo, Cinema 4D: Floating (RLM), Softimage: freeware

Some Features

  • Quick loading and rendering of indexed geometry cache files without the need to import them.
  • Supported geometry file formats:
    • .bin (RealFlow).
    • .obj (Wavefront).
    • .emp2 (Softimage’s factory Polygonizer).
    • .emp2 (Mootzoid).
    • .mzd (Mootzoid).
  • Animatable file index (e.g. to make timewarps or reverse the sequence).
  • Loads motion vectors (scalable), normal vectors and texture coordinates, if available.
  • Post-load effects:
    • Fix double edges.
    • Fix non-manifold edges.
    • Close holes.
    • Push.
    • Smooth.
    • Thickness.
    • Triangulation.
    • Quadrangulation.
    • Remove Interiors.
  • The Fabric Engine version additionally supports several particle cache formats, such as:
    • .bgeo (Houdini).
    • .bin (RealFlow).
    • .ptc (RenderMan).
    • .mc (3ds max / Maya).


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