By | September 10, 2018

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Layer Groups, now Finally, you can create Photoshop style groups directly in the timeline. Comprehensive functionality to mimic how Photoshop handles groups. One of the most requested features in After Effects. Now with Group Mattes, Isolate layers and Baking of Groups into pre-comps.

This is a simple plugin script for After Effects that ports the Layer Groups paradigm from Photoshop.

Bold = new in v2, more detail in history.

+Visually expand and collapse groups in the timeline
+Hide and show, respecting child layer visibility
+Delete group and/or contents
+Duplicate entire groups (with stacking and relative parenting intact!)
+Easily add/subtract from groups
+Optional parenting using Shift key
+Group Mattes
+Isolate function (Now included in Layer groups)
     Isolate layers in timeline / Isolate by label colour
     Focus on the layers you are working on.
+More menu (more functions – eg. trim group to child layers)
+Bake(precomp) or unBake groups
+Rename groups
+Stacking button (+auto Stacking) – keep layer stacked properly, each to their groups layers not in groups – out of groups
+After Effects ‘look’ to fit in UI, small unobtrusive buttons
+Stack UI row or column
+Set default dialog position
+Groups are color coded (turn off in settings)


you have to download the whole collection to use layer groups 2 :) :p its not available any where with single link. fortunately i got this link. File Size: 88.27 MB

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