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Lock & Load X 2.0 Coremelt. For After Effects – Premiere – FinalCutPro 7 & FinalCutPro X for MAC Full Download

Lock & Load is up to 3x faster than the FCP X built in stabiliser.  With optimised workflow for 4K in FCP X, Lock and Load will use both GPU on a Mac Pro system.  Lock and Load is frequently updated with new Rolling Shutter presets including the  Sony A7S, Sony AX100, Black Magic Pocket Camera, Panasonic GH4, Canon EOS 6D, RED Scarlet, RED EPIX MX and RED EPIC Dragon.  Existing customers can download the free update.

Lock & Load X is not only faster than the built in solutions in FCP X / FCP 7 and Adobe Premiere Pro but it also gives better quality results with less zooming and blurriness due to our SmartZoom feature and also has better ability to reduce Rolling Shutter Artefacts from CMOS cameras including DSLR cameras such as the Canon 5D Mark III and 7D.

Make hand-held footage look like professionally shot Steadicam in seconds! No need to set tracking points, just analyse the entire shot and get instant results. Even on shots with complex rotation or poorly defined backgrounds.


NEW LINK 12/18/2016!P9dBgTBK!37_tYGX4dQd7LJaIvQvWxKCDaQ2wh55zPKAQzvJax0Y

There is no password.





(Mac OS X Only)


  • Final Cut Pro 7 / X
  • Motion 4
  • Final Cut Express
  • After Effects CS4-CS6
  • Premiere Pro CS5.5-CS6


6 Replies to “Lock & Load X 2.0 For AE – Pr -FCP & FCPX MAC Full Crack Download!”

  1. Olli

    This crack does not appear to be working. I unfortunately already had the trial of Lock&Load, and was just trying to crack that version. I installed the linked version over the top, and then the crack, but FCP is still asking for the serial number.

    Any help with this would be much appreciated.

      1. FIlip

        I tried it few times but still there is trial version 15days…any other solution or workaround please?


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