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A Lot Of Most Wanted AEScripts Full Cracked Download WIN/MAC HOTTEST!! UPDATED  8/31/2017.





1. After Ease 1.1.2  link update 8/31/2017
(Current version) – Jan 29, 2016
Manual installation (the last resort!)

Manual installation on Mac OS
rename your .zxp file to .zip
unzip the zip file. Some people report that they must use Stuffit Expander to unzip it as the OS X utility does not work for them.
in Finder Menu choose go->go to folder and enter the following folder name
~/Library/Application Support/Adobe/CEP/extensions folder
Move the unziped folder from the previous step into this folder
open a terminal window and execute the following command
defaults write com.adobe.CSXS.5 PlayerDebugMode 1
(This will tell Premiere Pro to also run extensions that are installed in this manual way).

Manual installation on Windows
rename your .zxp file to .zip
unzip the zip file
drag that unzipped folder into the folder
C:\Program Files (x86)\Common Files\Adobe\CEP\extensions\
Create a registry entry “PlayerDebugMode” with String value 1 in
(To create and modify registry entries you can search for the program “regedit” in the windows menu)

2. Joysticks_n_Sliders_v1.5 link update 8/31/2017

Joystick controllers are commonly used in 3D character rigging for facial animation. With this tool, you simply set five consecutive keyframes to represent your origin, right, left, top, and bottom extremes. With those layers selected, you can instantly create a joystick controller on the stage that will interpolate between those extremes appropriately.

3. easyRulers v1.2 link update 8/31/2017

Designed to create any type of graphical measuring ruler, fast and easy. It is ideal for artists who create gauges, scopes, speedometers, graphical equalizers, HUDs, UI elements, historical timelines, instrumentation layouts, infographics etc.

4. GoodParents 1.1 link update 8/31/2017

Control parenting with keyframes. Finally. Now with 3D layers support! Good Parents finally gives you the freedom to link and unlink a layer or a group of layers to one or multiple objects!

5. Expression Universalizer v2.5.1 link update 8/31/2017

Automatically converts the expressions in your projects so that they are compatible with After Effects running in any language. If you are an After Effects template author or create projects for international clients you’ve certainly ran into the situation where your expressions break on your client’s machine. This is where ExpressionUniversalizer will come to the rescue! Just run it with one click on your projects before you post or send them and they will be guaranteed to work!

6. Automated Video Editing v1.10 link update 8/31/2017

Automated Video Editing allows you to automate the whole video editing process according to the music beat and other rules you apply. Import a bunch of video clips and music, make some simple settings and get a fully edited video synced to the music that can be easily adjusted if necessary.

7. Marker Conductor v2.1.0 link update 8/31/2017

Marker conductor automatically places markers at specified intervals of time or bpm.

8. Layer Groups v2.20

Finally, create Photoshop style groups directly in the timeline. Comprehensive functionality to mimic how Photoshop handles groups. One of the most requested features in After Effects. Now with Group Mattes, Isolate layers and Baking of Groups into pre-comps.!pUJHCLwa!rMivvXvahIu7DF58oGIVxpUHPvxa-zAvrcw5K6vIfqY

9. Motion v2

Hours of animation get wasted repeating tasks, retiming keyframes and jumping between windows. Motion 2 gives you 20+ new tools that automate repetitive tasks and enhance your animation. Creating dynamic Motion has never been easier!ggkRAAyT!OEGSpSeBpEcHbVGdExAZ1vpHClZXWfiyUPy0UOwBDPY

10. ft-Toolbar.v2.5

Create your own custom toolbars with effects, presets, expressions, scripts or any commands you use the most often in After Effects.

11. Overlap v1.0.3

Create dynamic overlapping action and follow-through for almost any property in your layers or shapes.!LgdH1CBA!kdQ_-q_A8CfzNJRW-c11LWmgpVKMN8EKO7xfOf7AiGQ

12. Magnum v3.0.2 

Automagically detects edits in footage. Now with an all new detection engine that is easier to use and gives better results. What’s not to love?

13. CircusMonkey v1.01

Create kinetic type with the greatest of ease. A new way of working with text in 3D space unleashes amazing possibilities

14. FontList+ Font List Plus

A dockable font preview panel for After Effects. Yes, finally browse fonts visually! Adjustable font preview size. Fonts preview samples with their names or with your own text sample. Copy font name to clipboard by clicking.

15. BINGO V1.0 <= working.

16. FX Particle Builder 1.0.0

We created this tools for essential needs of motion designers and VFX professionals. It’s a particle generator and you create fire, dust, magic, smoke, sparkle, flames or glass particles in fastest and easiest way. You can give life to your still images with brush tool and create different broadcast packages, title sequences, logo reveals or photo slideshows. Works on pictures, texts, video and etc. Also authors can create templates with these different particles.!Y00iEBaZ!Tqo5BDTHCB3YYEM9Fg44PhvoBlww6_wOxyQ8bAe7UWE

fx particle builder guide how to install properly

17. Textevo v1.0

TextEvo allows you to easily animate your text with delay based on letters, words or lines.

18. PropertyEffector v1.0.1

Property Effector brings Mograph style animation to AE, without the need for writing expressions.!kQAFBYyY!H2qNINXGEtasF5pAfhC9Pj5wxNpgt79e-C9PxGLjoxI

19. Un-PreCompose

Un-PreCompose allows you to quickly and easily extract all of the layers out of a nested composition and place them into the parent composition while maintaining all the effects and other properties.


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  1. Josue

    all links from dropbox were closed. Its no way to download Motion v2. You can upload to a mega link? thak you

      1. GuestUser

        Also, the Layer Groups link were deleted in Dropbox too. Please re-upload the link, please?

          1. GuestUser

            Maybe reupload the link to Mega or others if you have the file for Layer Groups please. (Try not to reupload it to Uploadboy, because it took two hours.)

          2. Zaid Sparrow Post author

            Oh damn. I wish I could, actually I can but it will take time, a lot of time. As I’m pretty busy these days. you know I’m still a kid :p I’ve got to do a lot of work :v

  2. Den Andreychuk

    Can not install After Ease.
    I don’t have folder “CEP” (CC 2015)
    I try to create a new one. But no results. Can you help me? And all dropbox links closed. Can you give me some needed me scripts? I can give some dollars for it:)

    1. Zaid Sparrow Post author

      no need for dollars, just tell me what you want and i will try my best to look for them. and yes, dropbox links are all dead thats why i gave other links as well.

      1. ivan

        After Ease 1.1.2 asks for license on osx el capitan, cc 2015 :(
        installed with zxp installer

          1. Daniel

            where is the license key, same problem as ivan?

          2. Zaid Sparrow Post author

            No idea why you cant find it because it works for my friends :? and i dont even know from ever I got this script but I will try again to look for the solution. join our FB group to learn more :)

  3. nomous

    Oh my god my request was accepted

    Thanksssssss <3333333

      1. nomous

        mm.. sorry can you make tutorial how to install after ease because i’m already try step by step and after ease still doesn’t installed :(

  4. Kostet

    As I can see Joisticksn Sliders not cracked. It is just a trial version. Or I didnt understand something?

    1. Zaid Sparrow Post author

      you went wrong somewhere because every thing is CRACKED. please check again and then contact me personally on FB or you can join our group.

  5. rock lee

    MAN I CANT THANK YOU ENOGH , can you please update some links , i reaaaally need the joystick and slider they have v2.0 now and the link here is dead :(PLEASE HELP you’re my hero :’) i cant buy things online

  6. bagas

    I’m interested in what you upload. i need a joystick and slider … please repair your link :) would you want to repair it?

    I speak English less well

      1. Ani

        Hey men, thanks a bunch. But please the link for joystick and slider on isn’t working. Please upload another link

  7. Lidia

    Hi!!! what a discovery!!!! Thanks so much for you work!!!!!!!!!
    please, can you update “FontList+ Font List Plus”, Dont works the link. Thaks!!!!

  8. Lana

    Hello! Could you help me with script Connect layers! I need it so much!

  9. dodong

    Sir i cannot download the ft toolbar the link will not generate the download site. I am using a mobile phone to browse….. Hope you can give links that are useful….

  10. babar

    sir can u upload the pt-auto expression script link…waiting for your positive response .thx


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