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Autodesk Maya 2016 EXTENSION 2 Win x64 Full Cracked CLEAN Direct!

In Maya 2016 Extension 2 we’ve completely redesigned Render Layers.  We’ve integrated Mash for Motion Graphics.  We’ve added a number of cool new rigging related workflows.  We’ve updated XGen and Bifrost.  There is soooo much to show and discuss I don’t know where to begin.  But that’s kind of lie :) because I pretty much always start with the bread and butter…  Modeling!

Over the next few weeks and months I also plan to post videos covering a wide range of topics like the ones I mentioned above.  In the meantime, if you want to see a complete list of features you can check out the full documentation here…

What’s New in Maya 2016 Extension 2

But for starters I put together a demonstration to highlight some of the most recent modeling updates.  Here I will focus on what we are loosely calling “Technical Modeling”.  As you’ve hopefully noticed over the the last several releases, we have really put a lot of effort into beefing up Maya’s modeling toolset and Extension 2 again includes dozens of improvements to a lot of the core modeling tools and workflows.  This includes updates to standard tools like Bevel, Bridge, Wedge and Extrude.  It also includes more general improvements to things like selection, transforms and pivots. and if you just can’t enough of this modeling stuff then you’re in luck.  Trevor Adams (Maya Modeling Product Designer) has taken the time to put together a comprehensive review of pretty much every single modeling and UV related improvement.  Trevor is largely responsible for all of the great modeling work that has been done in Maya over the last several years.  If you compare modeling in Maya today to where is was just 3 years ago, it is a night and day difference.

Does Extension 2 include Extension 1 and Service Pack 6 ? — YES

Downloads & Password:!C9IU3LLL!sLu-tqmrMD4YaRpCeOaSCQQkn0rzboMLOl6o7RlAnOo

Password : xxxbestxxxpasswordxxx

To windows users:

Problem : Activation code don’t work for you ?

You get an error because Maya 2016 is installed on your computer with another product Key (ECSU for example) which is also required by Maya 2016.5.

Solution : if you have Maya 2016 installed, it’s no need to activate Maya 2016 Extension 2.
Only Maya 2016 must be reactivated after installation of Maya 2016.5.

Just use X-Force Keygen 2016 to reactivate Maya 2016 and Maya 2016.5 will be activated too.

That’s all!

25 Replies to “Autodesk Maya 2016 EXTENSION 2 Win64 Full Cracked”

  1. Blibo

    I keep getting the activation error 0015.111
    I had no previous version of Maya installed, I tried uninstalling/reinstalling, completely removing everything related to Autodesk (including clearing the registry, temporary files, etc)
    I still can’t get it to work even though I’m following the instructions step by step…
    Help, please?

    1. Zaid Sparrow Post author

      Oh shit. looks like they didnt crack it well :D i will look for another version may be then it will work.

    2. Charles

      Heads up: I figured it out guys, the keygen provided is bad, you need to use the 2017 X-Force keygen and it works.

        1. Bharat Sharma

          bro how to download 2017 X-Force Keygen? can you give me a link pls

  2. Charles

    Activation code is not working for me….no matter what I try and I didn’t have Maya 2016 installed prior to this one….any other solution?

  3. pablo

    don´t work, Winrar said that the file is corrupted, it’s FAKE!!

  4. Stefan

    Ok, this is my first time installing Maya, and I followed every step, but I still have troubles with activating it


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