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SolidAngle MtoA v2.0.2.4 2018 WIN-MAC-Linux Full Cracked CLEAN

SolidAngle MtoA Arnold is an advanced Monte Carlo ray tracing renderer built for the demands of feature-length animation and visual effects. Originally co-developed with Sony Pictures Imageworks and now their main renderer, Arnold is used at over 300 studios worldwide including ILM, Framestore, MPC, The Mill and Digic Pictures. Arnold was the primary renderer on dozens of films from Monster House and Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs to Pacific Rim and Gravity. It is available as a standalone renderer on Linux, Windows and Mac OS X, with plug-ins for Maya, Softimage, Houdini, Cinema 4D and Katana.

SolidAngle MtoA Arnold is used by a wide range of companies from major VFX houses and animation studios all the way through to architecture and design companies. See below for a list of some of our clients.

SolidAngle MtoA Arnold for Maya (or MtoA) provides a bridge to the Arnold renderer from within the standard Maya interface.


  • Seamless integration with Maya shapes, cameras, lights and shaders.
  • Image Based Lighting support, including a state of the art physical sky.
  • Interactive rendering (IPR) allows parameter changes to be rapidly previewed without interrupting your work.
  • Support for volume rendering with Maya Fluids.
  • Support for Maya Hair and nHair.
  • Particles and nParticles support, including particle instancer.
  • Defer the creation of geometry at render time with the Stand-in placeholder nodes.
  • Productivity boost: override sets, holdout mattes, shadow catcher, passes, UDIM style textures, and arbitrary primvar data.
  • Extensible through plug-ins (Golaem, FumeFX for Maya, Yeti, Shave & Haircut).
  • XGen integration.
  • Texturable geometric lights.
  • Deep EXR.
  • Rendering of curves.

This bugfix release fixes the following issues: 

  • Fixed crashes in IPR when an instanced shape is modified
  • “Export all shading groups” was always reset to false, and wasn’t taken into account by “export-ass-and-kick” renders.

Downloads: updated! 28/oct/2017




16/oct/2017 OLDER LINKS BELOW: is for windows only i think. you can download from below links:





WIN 2015-2016

Props to some guy for the installers.


Thanks to cracker for this installer.

MAC Fix:

2016.5 Installer:

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  1. Jojo

    Installs good, but I don’t know what to do with the Mac Fix… Just replace the files? The watermark is still there.

      1. joe

        HI Zaid, I can’t arnold on maya’s plug in manager. How do i fix this?TIA


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