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Ozone 7 – Cloud Factory Ozone 2015 vc100+vc90 Full Download CLEAN


The Ozone 2015 plug-in lets you create and render hyper-realistic skies and atmospheres in 3ds Max, Maya, Softimage, Lightwave and Cinema4D.

Ozone 2015 implements the cutting-edge technologies developped by e-on software for the simulation and rendering of atmospheric effects. Its atmospheres provide an accurately simulated environment that affects all elements of your scenes and behaves according to nature?s rules.

With its easy to use interface and wide range of features, Ozone 2015 is the essential tool for animators and still creators seeking professional atmospheric results.

Bright sunshine, glorious sunsets, bad weather, moonlit nights ? Ozone 2015 handles them all. With over 100 predefined atmospheres and an intuitive interface, you can achieve exactly what you had in mind in minutes!

Customize every aspect of the atmosphere. Raise and lower the sun or change the direction or color of the sunlight. Add storm clouds to create an ominous mood. Create a thick, moisture-laden atmosphere where objects get lost in the mist. Add layer upon layer of clouds, adjusting their complexity, density, altitude and shape. Add a rainbow for a special effect, or stars and ice rings. You are in total control.

With four atmospheric models ? spectral, volumetric, standard and environment mapping, over 100 preset atmospheres and 100 preset cloud shapes, Ozone 2015 is the most complete, realistic and productive solution for creating skies and atmospheres that come alive.

Your atmospheres can be as realistic as what you see out your window or they can be as imaginative as the green and purple sunsets of uncharted planets.

The new photometric sunlight model uses a real-world, physical simulation of sun and atmospheric lighting intensities. This new, scientifically accurate model offers an alternative to the more artistic approach of the existing Spectral model.

As a result, your renders will look more photo-real in a subtle way, and HDR renders will preserve all the range of the natural spectrum.

You can easily switch between the new photometric model and the standard spectral model; Ozone 2015 will make all the required changes automatically.

The Ozone 2015 render engine will automatically adapt to the host application’s photometric model to provide seamlessly integrated lighting.

Ozone 2015 now supports Autodesk Media & Entertainment products up to release 2015 (3ds Max 2015, Maya 2015 and Softimage 2015), and also adds support for V-Ray 3 for 3ds Max (support V-Ray 3 for Maya is under development)*.

Ozone 2015 also now also supports Maxon Cinema 4D up to R16 and Newtek LightWave up to version 11.6.

* Support for the upcoming version of LightWave is also under development, and will be added to Ozone 2015 as soon as such new version is released.



Ozone 7 – Cloud Factory Ozone 2015 (:->)> PLE INSTALLER

DOWNLOAD : Ozone 7 – Cloud Factory Ozone 2015 (:->)> Build 7019528 Release 15631 – UPDATE (Size: 104,467,751)
Adds compatibility with V-Ray 3 for Maya, and with 3DS Max and Maya 2016.
Password : countryboy


Ozone 7 – Cloud Factory Ozone 2015 (:->)> Build 7019541 Release 16662 – UPDATE (Size: 120,833,725)
Password : countryboy


Added Activation for VC90 Version, a separate Build of install, used by older programs.
Version 1 of Activation only Activated the vc100 Version, as vc90 is outdated and only used by older Programs.
Vue xStream 2015, and Plant Factory 2015 are now vc100, and don’t link with many of the older programs.


Ozone 7 – Cloud Factory Ozone 2015 (:->)> ACTIVATION – Version 2 – UPDATE : vc100 + vc90 (Size: 499,144)
Password : countryboy

Place all Updates, and Activation in same folder as the PLE INSTALLER’s Setup (Win).exe

Alternate Download Links Needed ! Please upload Program, Updates, and Activation to other sites, and Post Links.

Log in as Administrator, Right Click, and select run as Administrator.

To Prevent Problems: Before Installing… Remove ( PLE ) from all Folder Names in E-on Installer !
Not removing PLE in E-on Installer can cause errors. Uninstall will fail, because no PLE Named Folders exist, or other Errors may occur.

1. Install Cloud Factory Ozone PLE :-> Remove “PLE” From Install Folder Path Names
2. Start Activation to convert to a Full Version
3. Install Full Version Build 7019528 Release 15631 – UPDATE
4. Install Full Version Build 7019541 Release 16662 – UPDATE
5. Restart Activation to Activate Full Version Build 7019541

Message: Your Ozone plugin does not have the same revision number as the Core Application.

Ozone WORKS OK: Update is a later version than Plugin Installed by PLE PLUGIN INSTALLER : Check [x] Don’t show again.
A later Version PLE INSTALLER :- Plugins match Core Update, and include C4D R17, and other Program Plugins.

In Maya to enable the Plugin :-> Click : Windows, Click : Settings/Preferences, Click : Plug-in Manager, Select :

No Cinema-4D R17 Plugin included with Ozone 7 – Cloud Factory Ozone 2015 Installers.

Ozone Forum:

Ozone Announcements:

Plugin ERROR: Can’t connect to Program dlls : E-on Programs, and other Programs conflict with each other.
Error : If starting an E-on program as a Plugin, and then Starting a different Program in the same session.

Test in C4D R16 : Start Ozone then Start xStream : Can’t connect with Vue xStream 2015.dlls, or do the opposite.
Restarting the Program using the Plugins will Fix the Error, untill you try to use both in same session again.
Carbon Scatter 2015.5 doesn’t cause this Error, or conflict with Ozone or xStream.
The problem may be caused by the Plugins, or C4D not updating the Path to the Program.


Uninstall, Delete left over Files and Folders before Re-Install.
Delete ( Ozone ) folder in the ( Plugin ) Folder of Program using Ozone as a Plugin.
Delete : Cloud Factory 7.reg, Cloud Factory 7 PLE.reg, and The Cloud Factory Version.reg in ( C:\ProgramData\e-onsoftware ).

Delete Folders listed below, and also delete folders with same name + PLE as part of the Name.
C:\Program Files\e-on software\Ozone 2015 (vc100)
C:\Program Files\e-on software\Ozone 2015
C:\ProgramData\e-onsoftware\Ozone 7
C:\Users\USERS NAME\Documents\e-on software\Ozone 2015
C:\Users\USERS NAME\AppData\Roaming\e-on software\Ozone 7

Briefly tested in Cinema-4D R16, Maya 2016, and Lightwave 11.6. Leaving Full testing to members due to limited time.
If you like the program then buy it to help support development !

Thanks to Kyodai for making this release possible.


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  1. suram

    after i activate the ozone..
    c4d say “cant find ozone 2015 folder”
    what should i do??

    1. Zaid Sparrow Post author

      looks like you didnt place the ozone folder at right place. thats what i think it is. and this is a very old post around a year old post. but i will try to look for your problem :)


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