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Blender 4 – Imperfectit Addon v1.0.1 Crack 2024 Download

By | May 21, 2024

ImperfectIt! is a Blender add-on that empowers artists to quickly enhance the authenticity and hyperrealism of 3D objects by layering a diverse array of detailed lifelike imperfections and adding dynamic weather simulation effects. Captivate your audience with visual storytelling with this easy-to-use…Read More »

Blender Sculpting Brush Texture Editor v1.1.3 Crack Download

By | May 14, 2024

Create or load vector displacement and height map sculpting brushes easily in one click. Previews are created automatically and all necessary settings are set. You can continue sculpting with your new brush immediately. Sculpt brushes manually from a plane: VDM example Vector…Read More »

UnrealEngine 4.27+ Advanced Texture Tool Crack Download

By | February 23, 2022

Modifying/editing textures can take a lot of time and effort, this tool will help you work easier and more efficiently! You’ll not have to export the texture external and edit it, you’ll be able to edit textures directly in the engine. It’s…Read More »

QuickTexture 2022 Version 1 Crack for Blender 3.0 Download

By | December 5, 2021

QuickTexture 2022 Version 1 for Blender 3.0 – Procedural UV checkbox which is now on by default, this will remove UV’s from your object before applying the custom QuickTexture procedural UV setup. Turn it off if you wish to use your objects…Read More »