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Lips Detail Alpha Pack For Zbrush, Blender etc Download

By | February 14, 2021

Sculpting detailed lips by hand is difficult and time consuming. So I created a pack of alphas dedicated exclusively to detailing lips! Instead of spending hours working on the lip area, you can get beautiful results within minutes. 5 sets of lips…Read More »

Substance Source 01 – 30 Substances Full Download

By | June 16, 2020

30 Substance Source Files Includes: ancient_fantasy_world_map art_deco_corridor_marble_floor art_deco_elevator_door art_deco_elevator_interior_wall art_deco_lobby_ceiling art_deco_lobby_marble_floor castle_main_gate chesterfield elven_armor_plates fantasy_creature_skin_scales fortress_gates gold_ore haussmannian_building_facade haussmannian_ground_floor_facade haussmannian_zinc_roof jagged_stone_cliff japanese_temple_parquet manor_parquet_aremberg old_wood_parquet ominous_obsidian parisian_cobblestone_street parisian_sidewalk patched_cloth rocky_battle_ground_soil rusty_torture_cage sinister_fortress_wall stone_fortress_wall victorian_bookshelf victorian_wall_fabric victorian_wood_ceiling Downloads: pls buy & support the dev!…Read More »

SubstanceSource Project 02 30 Substances Full Download

By | June 16, 2020

Substance Source Project #2 30 Substance Source Files SBS and SBSAR files Includes: bamboo bonsho_bell cupola_module japanese_porcelain japanese_roof_tiles japanese_temple_parquet japanese_temple_stone_wall japanese_temple_wood_ceiling japanese_wood_beam karuta_armour kikko_armour maple_leaf_litter moon_crater old_japanese_stone_pavers shoji_paper_door shuttle_engine_nozzle space_shuttle_heat_shield_tiles space_station_cargo_rack space_station_fabric_outer_sheath space_station_interior_compartment space_station_metal_panels space_station_outer_panel space_station_padded_fabric space_station_solar_array space_station_storage_modules space_station_switch_board space_station_thermal_padding tatami_mat thermal_insulation_panel…Read More »

Substance Source Organic 2 (SBS & SBSAR) Download

By | June 7, 2020

These download link contains following list: – bamboo – barnacle_rock – carved_layer_stack – cracked_lake_ice – fantasy_creature_skin_scales – fossilized_streams – gold_ore – kimono – life_coral_goniopora – life_coral_pavona – magnetic_powder – maple_leaf_litter – marble_light_green – moss_ball_vegetal_wall – porous_stone_mesh_concretion – stylized_amethyst_crystal – stylized_carved_crystal – stylized_dragon_scale_armor…Read More »