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ArtStation GN ZBrush/Maya Import/Export Tool Crack Download

By | July 20, 2022

The GN ZBrush/Maya Import/Export Tool is a script package to quickly import and export files in ZBrush and Maya. This tool will give you the ability to quickly switch between Maya and ZBrush, importing and exporting multiple objects at once and doing…Read More »

ArtStation’s Tune Your Car Kit! (MAX + FBX) Crack Download

By | July 10, 2022

This kit contains more than 90 parts – from tyres to rims, suspension, interior and performance upgrades. I’ve made variety of styles, including retro and sci-fi so you can experiment and have fun combining them, searching for the desired vision of your…Read More »

Artstation – Florian – Essential Brush Pack for Painters Crack Download

By | July 8, 2022

Release version 1.0 – In this product you’ll get : • x1 Brush pack (.abr) for Photoshop containing 22 brushes • 45 minutes of narrated videos about : How to install & use every brushes A Demo painting with explanation of how…Read More »

ArtStation Cartoon & Stylized HDRI Sky Crack Download

By | February 6, 2022

Liya Bohnat – Cartoon & Stylized HDRI sky •New HDRI sky texture for Cartoon and Stylized games. •For now pack has 28 unique HDRI skies + variations. Each sky has resolution 4096×2048 pixels. •Format textures: PNG, HDR •Various variants of skybox: night,…Read More »

ArtStation’s 30 Plastic Smart Materials & PBR Textures Download

By | December 6, 2021

30 High Quality and Procedural Plastic Smart Materials. This product includes 30 Plastic Smart Material for Substance Painter and 4K PBR texture. You can use the PBR Textures for any program that works with PBR workflow! Having this collection in your library…Read More »

ArtStation’s 13 Substance Painter Engine Metal Smart Materials Download

By | December 6, 2021

13 Substance Painter Smart Materials specifically designed for automotive design work, engine texturing, and anything metal. –Aluminum Worn (for motorcycle engine parts such as an engine fin) –Aluminum Scratched –Belt (for various belts found in engines) –Car Paint (flaked with gradients) –Chrome…Read More »

Medieval Battle Generator 1200+ Unique Custom Shapes Download

By | September 23, 2021

Mega bundle of custom shapes, which can be extremely helpful for your fast thumbnail sketches and can improve your workflow. .ABR Format, For Procreate  Downloads: pls buy & support the dev! IF THE LINKS ARENT WORKING, THEN PLEASE ACT LIKE A GROWN…Read More »