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What is Auto-Rig Pro?

Auto-Rig Pro is an addon for Blender to rig characters, retarget animations, and provide Fbx/Gltf export, with presets for Unity, Unreal Engine, Godot. First developed as my own in-house rigging tool, i’ve released it a few years ago and it expanded quickly thanks to great support from the community!For humanoid characters, the Smart feature can automatically place the bones to speed up the process, after adding the green markers. The result remains editable.

Non-humanoid characters can also be rigged without the Smart feature, manually (horse, dog…).

Based on a non-destructive workflow, the final rig remains easily editable anytime after its generation. Check the product documentation and the youtube channel for more informations.

Built for performances, allowing fast animation playback.

Character examples: Mike (free), Anna, Kevin, Nina and Alex

Important note about skinning: If possible, use water-tight geometry for best auto-skinning results. Knowing the bases of Blender’s skinning tools, weight painting, to fine tweak the bones influences is recommended. Read the doc for more informations.

Make sure to uninstall the current addon before installing the new one and restart blender.

Make sure to uninstall the current addon before installing the new one and restart blender.



Version: 4.1: Armature collections API updated
Version: 4.1: Since message box operators now include a “Cancel” button, use the direct popup message function instead, when “OK”/”Cancel” button are superfluous
Version: 4.1: Ported the whole ARP FBX exporter to the latest Blender’s FBX exporter, since mesh normals are exported with new settings in 4.1. To maintain backward-compatibility, the old version of the ARP FBX exporter is run on older Blender versions
Version: 4.1: Added an “internal” collection, as parent of the mch_ internal collections and body color groups. Collections are sorted when Match to Rig.
Interface: New help buttons that link to the documentation in the rig, smart, remap, export menus. Can be disabled from the addon preferences.
Rig: Spline IK: New Twist target setting in option. Useful when rigging long necks with Spline IK limbs. A target bone must be defined to evaluate the twist rotation from.
Rig: Spline IK: New “Parent External Bone” setting, in order to define what bone an external limb must be parented to: the deforming tip bone, or the control tip bone. For example, if the neck ref bone is parented to the tip ref bone of the Spline IK limb, it is recommended to set it to “Tip Deform” for a correct behavior, so that the neck bone remains attached to the actual deforming spline bone.
Rig: Facial: New “Unlock Jaw Y Loc” setting, to allow jaw translation along the Y axis
Rig: The Import and Export features can now handle Limb Options. Useful when needing to backup rig data.
Rig: New mirror feature for the “Add Hand Fist” tool
Rig: New mirror feature for the “Add Blink Pose” tool
Rig Tools: Head Lock now supports Bake
Rig Tools: Arm Lock now supports Snap and Bake
Rig Tools: Thigh Lock now supports Snap and Bake
Rig Tools: Pole Parent now supports Bake
Rig Tools: Default frame start/end of bake operators are now set to the scene or preview range
Rig Tools: (Performance) The bake operators do not work with Auto-Key anymore. It is now turned off internally for performance reasons, such as the Motion Paths evaluation
Skin: The “Smooth Twist Weights” setting now supports multiple twist bones, was limited to 1 twist bone before
Remap: New Mocopi preset
Export: Renaming bones from file now supports Blender’s internal text files too (thanks to Greisane for the patch)
Export: GLTF: Custom properties located on actions and pose bones are now exported
Export: FBX: Custom properties located on pose bones are now exported
Export: Preserve hierarchy when objects deformed by armature modifiers are parented to other deformed objects
Export: UI: Removed Auto-Rig Pro specific params from the UI when exporting a custom armature (twist export, c_traj export…)
Smart: The elbow position is now set more accurately, supporting non-straight arms
Smart: New settings to define the spine curvature: “Straight” for straight spine, “Model Fit” to fit the actual model shape, “Arched (UE)” to fit the UE5 Mannequin spine.
Smart: When setting the spine count higher than 3, the spine curvature is now maintained in “Model Fit” and “Arched” mode. Spine bones were always straight before.
Smart: New settings to define the clavicles alignment, to better fit the UE Mannequin.
Smart: UI: Collapsable menus (Blender 4.1+ only)


Rig Tools: API: The operator arp.convert_rot_mode() had wrong default values
Rig Tools: Motion Trails evaluation + Animated Rig Layers was failing to update. A picky condition has been added to update the collection visibility only when necessary
Rig: “Show IK Directions” was not drawing the line when selecting only the head or tail of a bone
Export: FBX: Error with the new “argument mesh_names_data” when using Blender 4.0
Export: Incorrect mannequin bones axes in some cases
Export: Error when exporting linked actions in Blende 4.1
Export: GLTF: Missing arm and leg bones when exporting as a humanoid with Twist Secondaries
Export: custom_collection type error in sort_armature_collections()
Export: Invalid mesh data export when Triangulate was enabled, due to mesh renaming issues
Export: Exclude objects from export, that are located in external view layers, since these are unaccessible data.
Remap: Incorrect retargetting if arms or legs bones were set with the “Lock-Free” option
Rig: Re-initialized bones color groups from armature presets, as a workaround for the invisible stick bones
Rig: Limb Export: Pose bone properties were not exported for all bones
Rig: Sorting alphabetically the internal collections under Blender 4.1+ was leading to error in case custom collections were added by users
Rig: “Apply Pose as Rest Pose” was missing support for Spline IK limbs
Rig: Bones collection displayed as “exclusive” (Blender 4.1+, star icon) was interfering when cliking Edit Reference Bones, or other buttons. Exclusive display is now disabled automatically
Rig: The Mirror Blink Pose function was missing the eyelid tweak controller
Smart: Visibility states of hidden objects was not restored properly after the detection

THIS POST WAS LAST UPDATED ON june 12024 – latest version as of now has been added!

Downloads: show love to dev by purchasing if you can afford it


Filename: auto_rig_pro_3.70.36

Official Discord :

Recommended link below => FULL SPEED.



for mega and g drive links – contact admin.

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