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Quick Snow for Blender
Quick snow is an add-on for blender to create dynamic snow over any objects by controlling over the shader.
In Just one click make your entire scene covered with snow.It’s a plugin to control over your entire scene, every objects and every material with a variety of features to control over your shaders.

The materials are 100% compatible with Cycles and Eevee. 1K,2K and even 4K textures are packed with full PBR workflow.With the power of Geometry nodes we are able to create snow mesh in no time.

Quick Snow is designed to give you maximum control over your scene while guaranteeing you enormous time savings while creating your best art.

Quick Snow is easy, fast and powerful. Now supports on macOS

Work with Blender Version 3.0 and later ! Included Blender 3.3 LTS.3.4,3.5,3.6.


Quick Snow V3.2 What’s News ?
8 new snow textures

Geo Snow Mesh
The most awaited feature has come. Create snow mesh with geometry nodes in one click!
With the power of Geometry nodes create real-time snow mesh in no time!

Control Geo Snow coverage with raycast feature.

Create Geo Snow mesh mask with procedural Noise texture.

Environment effects
Quick snow is packed with in-built preset which control snow direction,velocity,turbulence, fog and much more.

Why Quick Snow?
Bring photorealism to your scene in just one click. Create Ultra-Realistic environments.

With Quick Snow
Easily convert any scene into a snowy environment!

Automatic dynamic snow material creation!
This addon automatically creates dynamic snow material to any object .

Also supports foliage shaders.
No matter how complex the shader looks like, Quick snow finds a way to connect all the required nodes to snow blend node.

Link any snow material
Quickly link/append snow material to any object.Choose snow,select resolution and click link snow material.

Snow displacement
Add snow displacement to your object by experimental adaptive subdivision .

Animate snow coverage
Animate snow coverage value or any parameter from the shader node.

Auto gravity rotate
The auto gravity rotate feature helps to stay the snow always at top of the object while changing rotation, useful in case of animation.

Control everything
It’s easy to change snow coverage,blending,displacement,material settings and others everything from the panels. Quick Snow is here to help you to give you infinite control over the settings of your 3D scenes.

Our panels are distributed feature-wise so you don’t have to search the entire add on. An easy interface, Built for maximum productivity with rapidity.

How does it works?
This addon creates dynamic snow material by automatically connecting the original principled BSDF, normal map,albedo map, snow shader,snow mask to the main snow blend node.

Blending Features
Normal blend
Normal blend feature blends snow by calculating height based on object geometry and normal map.

Pixel blend
Pixel blend feature blends snow by calculating height on every pixel based on object geometry and bump/diffuse map.

Blend softness
Blend softness feature displays how softly the snow will blend to the surface.

Snow Material Features
What makes a snow texture looks real!

Fully customizable snow material
Change snow tint!

Change snow softness and wetness!

Change AO and add glitters to your snow!

Auto Scale feature
Automatically adjust snow texture scale according to object scale.

16 High quality materials available in 1K,2K and 4K textures with full pbr shaders.

Snow Mask
Gradient Mask
The gradient mask function allows you to remove snow along z-axis from the bottom. Useful in creating grass or objects with lower part devoid of snow.

Texture Mask
This feature creates a texture mask by combining procedural noise and musgrave texture.

Vertex Paint Mask
Vertex Paint mask allows to delete snow from areas who don’t want snow by manually painting a mask.

Create your own Mask
Customize any mask by vertex painting in just few moments.

Edge and Cavity Mask
The edge mask and cavity mask is used to add/remove snow in cavities ,faces and edges.

Create an entire snow storm scene in one click.

Create snowfall with in-built preset.

Create a quick animated snow fog.

We support the Blender Foundation !
We would like to participate in its development. We donate part of the earnings to the Blender Foundation for its growth!

And for future update !
Yes ,all future updates are free once you have purchased.
We will add new features and new snow material at every update.
Some renders with Quick Snow 

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