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version 1.7.5 (Mar 12 2024)
FLIP Fluids 1.7.5 is an update to add official support for Blender 4.1 as well as small features, bug fixes, and improvements.
Video Overview:
Compatibility Notes:
FLIP Fluids 1.7.5 is officially supported in Blender 2.80 to Blender 4.1.
Blender 4.2: At this moment, Blender 4.2 Alpha contains known issues that may cause the addon not to be fully functional in this version and may break Blend files saved in this version (Blender 4.2 Support).
Added: Domain > Advanced > Enable Fracture Optimizations performance option for simulations with many separate obstacle objects such as Cell Fracture or RBDLab Addon simulations (Documentation).
Added: Settings to the Domain > World > Gravity and Force Fields to adjust separate force field weights for the fluid and whitewater particle types (Documentation).
Added: Setting to set the exported scale when using the FLIP Fluids sidebar > Command Line Tools > Alembic Export Tool (Documentation).
Added: UI warning and tooltip to the FLIP object properties to notify the user that the selected FLIP object is currently disabled from the viewport (outliner monitor icon) will not be included within the simulation.
Added: Option to continue render from the last rendered frame when using the Command Line Bake > Render While Baking Mode (Documentation).
Added: Shortcut key for the command line batch animation render: Shift + Ctrl + B.
Added: Option to the Domain > Simulation > Grid Info section to select the displayed info and visualization for the simulation/mesh/preview/forcefield grids.
Change: The FLIP Fluids addon name in the addon preferences will no longer include the version number to improve compatibility with the Clean Panels addon which identifies the addon by an unchanging name.
Improvement: Installing the preset library in Blender 3.5 or later will now automatically set the import method to the recommended Append mode instead of the Blender default Append (reuse data) mode.
Bug Fix: Fixed simulation crash that can be triggered if a custom meshing volume is set and there is no fluid in the domain.
Bug Fix: Fixed “NoneType is not subscriptable” baking error that could be triggered if FLIP objects were in an invalid state due to missing data when updating the Blend file from Blender <= 3.6 to Blender >= 4.0.
Bug Fix: Updated command line render shortcuts for MacOS to prevent issues on MacOS keyboard layout.
Bug Fix: Fixed bug where frames with no fluid could result in a negative performance score, lowering the average performance score. Frames with no fluid will no longer contribute to the average performance score.
Bug Fix: Fixed issue in FF Water (clear) and FF Water (iced) materials where the white color was not set to the maximum value.
Bug Fix: Fixed warning that could be displayed when running command line operators if the grid visualization, fluid particle debugging, or force field debugging features were enabled.
Bug Fix: Fixed potential “ZeroDivisionError” that could be triggered when updating stats for simulations with no fluid that could be run in a measured 0.0 seconds.
Bug Fix: Fixed issue in Command Line Bake > Render While Baking Mode where the frame range Step value would not be taken into account when generating the render sequence.
Bug Fix: Fixed error that would be triggered if a FLIP object had the Object Properties > Transform > Rotation Mode keyframed.
Bug Fix: Fixed issue where grid visualization bounds could draw incorrect bounding volumes at low resolutions or for thin domains.
Bug Fix: Fixed issue where the Domain > Simulation > More Bake Settings > Skip Mesh Re-Export menu could freeze Blender when drawing a large number of FLIP objects. The menu will no longer display when there are more than 128 FLIP objects in a scene and will present a warning.
Bug Fix: Fixed issue where the Help > FLIP FLuid > Copy System & Blend Info operator could result in missing data if the user preferences contained and enabled addon with missing script files.
Bug Fix: Fixed Uninitialized variable warnings on Clang compilers.
Bug Fix: Fixed stray debug print statements during simulation bake.
Bug Fix: Fixed various typos in UI and in tooltips.
Blender Bug Fix: A crash that could be triggered when using the Points to Volume geometry node on a simulation mesh has been fixed in Blender 4.1 (#114946).

What is the FLIP Fluids addon?

The FLIP Fluids addon is a tool that helps you set up, run, and render liquid simulation effects all within Blender! Our custom built fluid engine is based around the popular FLIP simulation technique that is also found in many other professional liquid simulation tools. The FLIP Fluids engine has been in constant development since 2016 with a large focus on tightly integrating the simulator into Blender as an addon. It just feels like a native Blender tool!

With our reputation for delivering high quality software and outstanding customer support, the FLIP Fluids addon is one of the best selling products on the Blender Market.

Over 10000 copies sold, 5 star rating, excellent value
No subscriptions, all future updates included
What are the artists creating? Check out our 2021 Customer Reel!
Try out our free demo! We’re sure you’ll like it :)
Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)
What is the difference between Blender’s Mantaflow FLIP simulator and the FLIP Fluids addon?
Have any questions? Do not hesitate to ask us here or at [email protected]!

Whitewater Effects
Create awesome large scale fluid effects with the whitewater simulator. Generate and simulate millions of foam, bubble, and spray particles to give a sense of realism to large bodies of water.
High Viscosity Effects
Use the high accuracy viscosity solver to simulate thin silky-smooth liquids, thick fluids that buckle and coil, and anything in between. You will be able to simulate thicker fluid in Blender than you could ever before!
Surface Tension and Sheeting
Create beautiful small-scale fluid effects with surface tension and add particle sheeting to create large thin splashes. Simulate the natural cohesion of surface molecules that cause fluids to form into beads, drip, and add an elastic look to splashes.

Custom Built Force Fields
We built our own custom force field system designed specifically for popular liquid effects! Volume forces for forming liquid shapes, surface forces for aligning gravity to surface normals or to help liquid stick to surfaces, and curve forces for guiding liquid to flow and spin along a curve.

FLIP and APIC Solvers
Choose between FLIP and an APIC simulation methods! FLIP is turbulent and chaotic – good for large scale splashy simulations. APIC is smooth, stable, and swirly – good for small scale or viscous simulations.

Why choose FLIP Fluids?
Fluid simulation software can be intimidating, complex, and difficult to work with, but it does not need to be. We believe that usability should come first when designing a simulation tool. A simulator might contain the most advanced technology in the world, but if it is not usable, reliable, and flexible, it will not be a tool that is useful or enjoyable to the artist.

Our goal is to improve on many aspects of the built-in Blender fluid simulator such as usability, stability, customization, and to prevent common problems that we see artists encounter when working with simulation systems. We want to provide you with the tools, learning resources, and workflows to assist you in creating beautiful effects as quickly and as painlessly as possible. 

Downloads: show love to dev by purchasing if you can afford it


Filename:FLIP Fluids v1.7.5 + Presets 1.2.7

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