7 Replies to “Blender 3.6 KeenTools 2023.2.0 FaceBuilder Crack Update Download”

  1. saicslaimk

    This is a quick guide to installing this addon.
    You have to unpack the zip file wherever you want, then go to blender and install the addon that was in the zip file, if you don’t know how to google it.
    When you turn on the addon, it will not work and will ask you to restart the blender by restarting it.
    Now the most important thing is to install the library.
    Go to the settings of the Face Builder addon, it will ask you to install the library, select !OFFLINE! mode and select the path to the second file that was unpacked with the addon and ready!!!!!!!

    1. Sensei Post author

      check the other folder, you gotta copy paste that into addon folder

  2. jake robert

    i downloaded this and its working but i am facing a problem. the wireframe of the mesh is not visible in the pin mode both for geotracker and face builder. what am i suppose to do ?


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