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Get ready to take your 3D work to the next level!
HDRi Maker is a revolutionary add-on for Blender that allows you to quickly and easily create super realistic lighting and environments for your 3D models. With over 480 HDR/EXR backgrounds included, once installed, you can easily add the customizable Dome to your scene and use the powerful Wrap and Hooks system to create truly unique and dynamic scenes.

Experience your models like never before with HDRi Maker’s Dome. See for yourself how realistic and dynamic your scenes can be:

Step into the world of HDRi Maker and take your 3D models to new heights
With real ground projection and shadow capture, you can bring your animations to life inside the dome.

New and customizable domes with the new Hook system
In this new version of HDRi Maker Studio I have introduced 2 new types of dome, one in the shape of a Cube and one in the shape of a Cylinder, these can be modified in their perimeter thanks to the new “Hooks” functionality, this allows you to match the geometries present in the images, in order to have a wall in the point and simulate the environment where the HDR was taken.

The hook system in action:

Have you ever thought of animating a vehicle inside an HDRI without inserting any other 3D model?
In this example I have mounted a series of 6 different backgrounds on the same dome. The Wrap system makes the ground really walkable. Pickup animation was made with “Launch Control // Auto Car Rig” addon (Pickup not included)

Difference between a projected HDR with Dome and not
In the first case, classic HDR applied to the Background. No Zoom, No ground.
With just 1 click you can have the dome and the ground, with shadows and zoom.

Preview with Eevee:

Render with Cycles into HDRi Maker Dome:

The new Light Studio Tools
This fantastic feature allows you to create with one click a solid color backdrop and the lights to illuminate your model to the best, Taking advantage of the soft shapes of the dome, you will have a smoothed lighting, great for rendering 3D objects.

Edit the ground to make it more realistic
With the HDRi Maker Wrap system you can deform the ground of the Domes using any object, you can create hills mountains or simply an uneven ground matching the original image. As always, you can also import your HDR / EXR images and use them as backgrounds.

Volumetric Fog animatable
A new section dedicated to the management of the volumetric fog has been introduced, this is located in the “Volumetric” section and allows you to manage the animatable volumetric fog in a simple and fast way, with a click you add it and you can modify it as you like.

Shadow Catcher works in Cycles and Eevee
The shadow catcher normally works only in Cycles, with the help of HDRi Maker you can use it also in Eevee, in addition you can also add reflections on it. This is useful if you want transparency using the lighting of an HDR / EXR

HDRi Maker Studio + Default Library (361 Backgrounds up to 2k) + Expansion Library “Hdr Maps” complete from 1k to 10k (119 Backgrounds)
(10 Files Exapack in total)

Downloads: show love to dev by purchasing if you can afford it




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