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These addons, generators and blend files are freely shared by their own respective owners on the websites like Github and gumroad, for free, without any kind of charge. We have just bundled them together here so you dont need to waste time looking for useful stuff right way. Product description of each of these has been give below.

You are allowed to use these files anyway you want, here authors’ links are given so if you want to show your support you may access them.

If you feel like supporting me you can donate via – it uses paypal and for crypto, contact me on my discord server which can be found using or

Lets start, they are randomly ordered, theres no ranking. This bundle contains 14 generators specifically. named!


1. Add Dimension

Addon for blender 2.79 and 2.80 to measure distance, angle and add description.
Addon to create dimensions in the Blender.

Add > Curve > Dimension

3 types of linear dimensions, 1 radius, 1 diameter, 3 corner and 1 note.

More Info: Add Dimension Author’s page CLICK HERE

2. Add Mesh Extra Objects

This add-on groups many mesh object creation add-ons into a single one.

More Info: Add Mesh Extra Objects

3. Align And Distribute v2.0.0

Align And Distribute is a free Blender addon that adds some necessary aligning and distributing utilities (similar to Inkscape) to Blender.

More Info: Align And Distribute v2.0.0

4. asset_browser_utilities-master

This add-on aims to provide several utilities to reduce the time it takes to do operations on large libraries :

More Info: asset_browser_utilities-master 

5. AssetLibraryTools

AssetLibraryTools is a free addon which aims to speed up the process of creating asset libraries with the asset browser, This addon is currently very much experimental as is the asset browser in blender.

More info: AssetLibraryTools 

6. Attach Align

The addon now use a zip file format. To correctly install the addon, please just install the whole zip file (without unzip it). If you unzip and install the python files, it will cause error.

More Info: Attach Align

7. audvis-main

8. B3DMatPack1,2

9. Backface Hiding v3.0

It’s a small and rather cheap add-on but I think useful nonetheless.

The idea is to hide the backfacing or non-visible geometry to address the issue of Backface Culling not hiding mesh components in Edit mode (vertices, edges, faces).

More info: BackfaceHiding_3.0

10. Bake-A-Node v3.0.0

Bake-A-Node is a free Blender addon that allows you to bake the output of any shader node to an image texture. Very useful when you have complex node setups and it starts to become very performance-intensive to do the node calculations. Or when a certain node does not work in Eevee (Bevel node for example).

More Info: Bake-A-Node v3.0.0

11. BakeMaster-Blender-Addon-master

BakeMaster is an add-on specified for baking various texture maps
and created for Blender – open-source 3D Computer graphics software.

More Info: BakeMaster-Blender-Addon-master

12. blender_cloth_physical_properties_compensation-master

When working with cloth simulations oftentimes we need to add extra subdivisions to improve simulation quality. Unfortunatelly this causes the simulation to act completely different because it depends on vertex mass. This addon adds replacement settings for “Physical Properties” that will compensate for changes in vertex count and area.

More Info: blender_cloth_physical_properties_compensation-master

13. BlenDir-main

BlenDir is a Blender add-on for automatic folder structure creation and management!

More Info: BlenDir-main (2)


A blender addon to make the breakdown of the blender animation a breeze

More Info:Breakdown-fy-main


With version 9, It has become modular and extensible through the use of additional content packs that users can create and share (even commercially).

The addon has evolved over time, initially providing a collection of modifier templates, allowing people to create interesting parametric shapes by modifying values in the modifier stack. Over time, new features were added to let people generate structures using branched and layered generation algorithms, along with a collection of fun, miscellaneous operations to play with

More Info:BY-GEN_v9.1.1

16. CAD Sketcher

A constraint-based sketcher addon created by hlorus for Blender that allows you to create precise 2d shapes by defining CAD geometric constraints like tangents, distances, angles, equal and more. These Sketches are then converted into beziers or mesh which still stay editable through a fully non-destructive workflow i.e, Geometry nodes and modifiers.

More Info:CAD_Sketcher-main-0.24.0

17. connect_face 2.0.1

Connect Face is a tool for connecting selected faces. It is similar to bridge-edge-loops in blender but more handy to use.

More Info: connect_face 2.0.1

18. curve_tools

This add-on provides an extensive set of tools for the manipulating and editing of curves. Several CAD style curve tools are included.

More Info: curve_tools

19. cut corner 1.0.0

It is useful for creating Sci-Fi model, Spaceship parts, Hard Surface blocks, etc.

  • You can adjust the size of corners
  • The cut is done directly on the selected face. All geometries are connected
  • Auto merge for duplicated corner vertices
  • After cutting, you can select and extrude it

More Info: cut_corner 1.0.0

20. draw_xray_2.8_without_snap

Draw Xray addon will help you to draw retopo mesh on top of your highpoly mesh, without problems of buildin blender xray (no proper backface culling).

More Info: draw_xray_2.8_without_snap 


Easy fog Add-on ( free blender addon ), is an easy tool for creating procedural fog material, the addon has an easy setting parameter that will make you able to create fog easily for your environment, or if you are trying to make a good animation that addon will help you for that.

More Info: easy_fog_addon_1.0.0


Easy ocean addon can help to create ocean or water faster with clicks, it has different oceans and water styles with the ability to modify color and some settings, I hope you like the addon.

More Info:easy_ocean_addon__1.0.0

23. engine generator

I hope this helps for some automotive designs and visualization . Follow , support ,like and share for more amazing assets and techniques . made with love in blender geometrynodes

More Info: engine generator

24. GeoCables v1.0.4

GeoCables is a free Blender Addon that allows you to generate procedural hanging cables by using Geometry Nodes.

More Info: GeoCables v1.0.4

25. Holt-Tools_v5

I have just released version 5 of the Holt Tools addon for Blender, providing a suite of useful workflow tools to help you organize your blend files and automate artistic processes.

More Info: Holt-Tools_v5

26. Import As Decal

Import As Decal is a Free Addon for Blender that allows you to directly import images as Decals/Stickers and comes with an advanced Shader.

More Info: Import As Decal


28. lego character generator

Hi my blender families I was working on this amazing Lego character generator ❤️ this Lego generator is so powerful and you can create thousands of Lego character with in just few clicks, and i hope it will help you a lot and you can learn so many amazing thing with in the nodes . support like share ❤️ and thank you so much for your amazing support it keeps me doing more ❤️❤️❤️

More Info: lego character generator

29. Magicavoxel Importer

The Vox Importer allows you to import models from Magicavoxel into Blender. Important here is the mesh optimization so you can use the model properly in Blender. This means no interior faces and no vertices in the same location. That way, you can use Booleans, Physics, and other operations in Blender. On top of that, the Vox Importer is very fast.

More Info: Magicavoxel Importer 

30. Malt-Development

Malt is a fully customizable real-time rendering framework for animation and illustration.
It’s aimed at advanced users and technical artists who want more control over their workflow and/or their art style, with special care put into the needs of stylized non photorealistic rendering.

More Info: Malt-Development

31. MeasureIt_ARCH-development

MeasureIt_ARCH is an addon for Blender, that adds tools to create design documentation and technical drawings that can be previewed within Blender’s 3D viewport, and exported as images, vector graphics or .dxf files.

More Info: MeasureIt_ARCH-development

32. Mesh_Onion_Skins-main

Mesh Onion Skins is a Blender add-on that helps to create and analyze object or character animation. Onion skinning, in computer graphics, is a technique used in creating animations to see several frames at once. This way, the animator can make decisions on how to create or change a frame based on the previous frame in the sequence.

More Info: Mesh_Onion_Skins-main

33. mifthtools

This is my repository of tools which i use. open link for more info.

More Info: mifthtools

34. neonLines

35.Node Mini-Map for Shader Node Editor

It has lots of controls for how it is displayed, including the ability to only show top level nodes (ones that aren’t in frames), and all colours are customizable.

It can also be used to navigate the node tree using these controls:

Clicking and dragging on the mini-map pans the view
Double-clicking the mini-map centres the view to fit all nodes in the tree
Clicking on a single node will centre on that node.

More Info: Node Mini-Map for Shader Node Editor

36. Object Flow

A geometry nodes setup that let’s you quickly instance objects to be animated along a curve. Hover over the input fields in the geometry nodes modifier for a short tooltip. The radius of the curve at different points (shortcut Alt+S) can control the object spread, while the tilt (Ctrl+T) controls their size.

More Info: Object Flow

37. P Procedural Generation Toolkit_ Blender 3.0-3.1

Generate procedural 3D content in a couple of clicks!

More Info: Procedural Generation Toolkit_ Blender 3.0-3.1

38. piles_n_tiles_2_80

Piles’N’Tiles provides various tools to aid the creation of seamless meshes and textures via object management in a user defined seamless area. Objects added to this seamless area will then appear to wrap around the edges they encroach by utilizing script managed copies of the object known as seamless proxies. These proxies utilize constraints to copy the transform of the seamless object while maintaining an offset to complete the illusion of wrapping around. The results can be rendered out with an orthographic camera to create various texture maps for use in game and render engines, or other DCC software.

More Info: piles_n_tiles_2_80

39. pivotPro_2.1

Addon for Blender 2.8. Create temporary Red pivot point for operation like snapping, moving, scaling and rotating objects around temporary RED pivot point.

More Info: pivotPro_2.1

40. Pixer 0.95

This is a Blender Addon that makes your textures’ model ✨pixel perfect✨

This means that if you apply a pixel art texture the pixels will be of a consistent size across your model.

More Info: Pixer0.95

41. quad_swords 1.1.1

The cuts come from X, Y, Z axis so the model become grids like. The tool use blender’s Knife Projection, the geometry is not perfect and it may have some strange edges sometimes, but it is convivence to use.

More Info: quad_swords 1.1.1

42. quickmenu

The addon was initially made with personal use in mind. However since it only binds one key (configurable, D by default) it’s unintrusive and it should be easy to use it alongside other addons. It simplifies access to operators and settings and adds some new operators. Blender is already hotkey-friendly.

More Info: quickmenu

43. Real Puddles

This node it’s a must for anyone who does environment art and wants to bring the realism to a higher level without having to fiddle around with all the connections that would make you less productive.

More Info:

44. ReView Addon

Automatically save and restore previous views

More Info:

45. SceneSkies

HDRs that you can color-tweak. Add collections to have more choice.

More Info:

46. Select Sim

The hash is calculated by the face “shape”. Currently Blender provides a “Select Similar” tool, access by Shift + G, to select similar faces or edges, however, it does only use single metric such as face area, diameter, or number of sides. It is hard to get desired selection.

More Info:

47. Shelves

Create Custom Shelves using this addon.

More Info:

48. Texel Density Checker

Tools for for checking Texel Density and wasting of uv space

More Info:

49. The Lightmapper

The Lightmapper is an addon for Blender that implements lightmapping and denoising capabilities for global illumination texture baking with support for 32-bit HDR Lightmaps. Baking is done through Cycles, and includes automatic material setup, automatic UV setup, encoding options, format options and advanced postprocess filtering. The setup is object-centric, meaning that you can customize the settings for each individual object, providing you with the easiest and most versatile lightmapping solution for Blender.

More Info:

51. Workspace Manager

Quickly save and load custom workspaces

More Info:

52. Brick Generator

no info is available regarding this addon, jut a .blend file.

More Info: tehe

53. bullet Holes

again, no info available a just Bullet hole project file .blend

More Info: tehe

54. CloudPush

again, no info available a just Bullet hole project file .blend

More Info tehe

55. Create Camera Image Plane

Script should be run with a camera selected and then creates an imageplane, sets up drivers to automatically scale it by the render aspect ratio and focal length of camera and distance (that would be the neg z of the imageplanes location) so it will cover the entire screen. It sets up a cycles material so it’s ready to load an image sequence.

More Info:

56. CurveLighting Addon

again, no info available a just Bullet hole project file .blend

More Info: tehe

57. Drips Barbed Wire Addon

again, no info available a just Bullet hole project file .blend

More Info: tehe

58.  EnTrend

This addon converts each selected mesh elements (vertex, edges, faces) into entity with direction.

Entity: ‘Camera’, ‘Plane’, ‘Empty’, ‘Light’, ‘Object’, ‘Collection’, ‘Bone’

Direction can be set according to: ‘Origin’, ‘3D Cursor’, ‘Word Origin’, ‘View’ (inverted and XYZ limitation), ‘Normal’. And if you need plus random rotation.

More Info:

59. Eye Addon

again, no info available a just Bullet hole project file .blend – it probably generates some kinda eye

More Info: tehe

60. Fantasy Gate Generator

This is a free Fantasy Gate Generator made with Geometry Nodes for Blender 3.1+.

More Info:

61. FloatingWindows

Version 1.1 – This plugin is for window OS only

more info:

62. Brick Generator using Geometry Nodes [Blender 2.93 ]

This is a fun challenge I took. Basically, I tried to make the classic

more info:

63. Geonodes SDF hole Addon

no idea wtf this even is

more info: -.-

64. Goop Addon Blender

Boolean a shape out of an object and place goop on the new faces. If you invert the normals of the cutter objects and enable the Material Transition Geometry Node after the boolean, you’ll get a transition between two materials with goop in the middle. Otherwise, the Material Transition Geometry Node must be off. Some of the input fields in the geometry nodes have a tooltip if you hover over them.

more info:

65. Import multiple OBJ files

Import multiple OBJ files, UV’s, materials

more info: couldnt find

66. IVY Generator v3

just the .blend file no info available

more info: none

67. Display material relationship addon

The panel display the objects that use a selected material and there is a button to select all objects using this material.

more info:

68. Matrix Code Rain

no info could be found. name suggests it generates matrix styled code rain in blender

more info: none

69. Neon Generator

no info could be found.

more info: none

70. PostUSSRBuilder

Simple post USSR style building generator on geometry nodes. Need Blender 2.93 and newer for work.

more info:

71. Procedural Iris V2

A procedural iris generator that works in Eevee and Cycles. (Blender 2.8+)

more info:

72. procedural backrooms

just the .blend file no info available

more info: none

73. Procedural Wallgen

just the .blend file no info available

more info: none

74. Proximity Lightning

A geometry nodes setup that creates lightning between objects based on distance. Some ambiguous sliders, like Noise, have a tooltip if you hover over them.

more info:

75. Self-Constructing Surface

just the .blend file no info available

more info: none

76. Shatter

just the .blend file no info available

more info: none

77. Slasher Addon for Blender

just the .blend file no info available

more info: none

78. Snow Addon

no info availably, probably generates some kinda snow for blender.

more info: none

79. Stingwire generator

Stingwire generator one of the object that can clearly tell the story behind it   I called it the storyteller made with love in Blender geometry nodes.

more info:

80. tyre generator

Hi my fellow friends here is another amazing asset done in blender geometry nodes, support for more exciting assets and techniques. For your amazing support I will continue to share more.

more info:

81. Voxel Victorian procedural house generator

This is a model generated from simple building blocks. To use the model you have to install Blender and Sverchok add-on. It’s possible to use it without the add-on but it will lost its procedural part.

more info:

82. websp

no idea wtf this even is, only blend file.

more info: none

83. Adaptive Subdivision 1

no idea wtf this even is, only blend file.

more info: none

84. Adaptive Subdivision 2

no idea wtf this even is, only blend file.

more info: none

85. Bridge

probably generates some kinda bridge for blender

more info: none


probably generates some kinda cables or stuff for blender

more info: none

87. Caustics

no idea wtf this even is, only blend file.

more info: none

88. Chain

yea you guessed it right, some kinda chain generator.

more info: none

89. Falling Particles

exactly, just generates some kinda falling particles probably

more info: none

90. another Ivy generator

no idea wtf this even is, only blend file.

more info: none

91. Lightning

yea it generates lightning i think

more info: none

92. Music Visualizer

guess what it does 

more info: none

93. Particles Flow

generates Particles Flow ???

more info: none

94. Rope


more info: none

95. Snow Flake

snow flakes generator for blender 

more info: none

96. Snow generator

for blender

more info: none

97. Spider Web

Spider Web generator for blender

more info: none

98. Tree

it generates trees for blender, yes.

more info: none

99. cant find the name but its in the bundle.

download to see, its in the bundle.

more info: none

100. cant find the name but its in the bundle.

download to see, its in the bundle.

more info: none

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