By | April 18, 2023

Blender addon: Auto Dance Camera

A dance animation often comes with 5000-7000 frames. Creating its camera motion is painful.

This Blender addon can create camera motion for the whole dance animation with one click, with professional composition and combine with 4x3x3x3x5=540 total different shots.

Export Blender Camera to MMD’s Demo

Github repo is for document and issues. There is no code in it.


Addon: 2.3.0
Blender: 3.0 or later


Generate character’s camera motion automatically
(New) Export camera motion into vmd file, to use in MMD
(New) Export camera motion into .duf file, to use in Daz Studio
(New) Extract melody beats from song and generate camera motion which fit with these beats (Windows 64bit only)
Re-generate a range of the motion
Adjust moving speed, min and max length of shots, so it can be use to both pop song and slow romantic song.
Can only generate front shot if needed (good for composing)
Combine 4x3x3x3x5=540 total shots and only generate those can fit for character’s pose
Track eye position to prevent character moves out frame.
Set offset to fit with any kind of characters

Downloads: show love to dev by purchasing if you can afford it


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