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Terrain Creation
Scatter Systems
Water Creation
The tool of choice for professional artists. Designed from the ground up to make sure that EVERY artist can create the scenes they need.

A Complete Terrain Creation Suite
Quickly make entire worlds in one tool

Create Terrain
Choose from Blender’s built-in A.N.T. system with our provided heightmaps or paired with NodeScapes to create amazing terrains

Add Materials
Explore up to 165 seamless terrain textures to produce realistic landscapes

Add Snow
Using True-Terrain, create incredibly realistic artic scenes. Our shader and mapping system is guaranteed to create remarkably photorealistic snow to compliment any winter landscape

Scatter Assets
Scatter nature across your terrain in a single click. Then modify their position with our advanced scatter system

165 Materials
300+ Assets
14 Heightmaps
4 Types of Water

What Is True-Terrain

True-Terrain is the only world building tool for Blender
True-Terrain offers artists, professionals and hobbyists a complete suite for creating amazing worlds!

Water Creation
The most realistic water available in blender. Period.

Our unique water shaders have been painstakingly created from the ground up to simulate not only what water would look like from the surface, but also from beneath. From caustics to foam to light penetration and density, you will be amazed by what our water system will achieve.

True-Terrain comes with 4 different* water types in total.

Asset Scatter System
Only the best for our users!

We’ve got a fully integrated scattering system, complete with tonnes of assets to scatter including: Rocks, Trees and Grass

Why? Because True-Terrain is so you can build your worlds, and not miss out!

Realtime Blending
Using our vast library of textures, blend any of them with our advanced shader system to create realistic and unique terrains

Terrain Creation
Use the built-in functions to generate to import heightmaps or generate terrains using the A.N.T system. We also recommend leveraging the power of NodeScapes which uses Nodes for power users out there!

Scatter Highlights
Here’s a few of the scatter functions built into True-Terrain! Don’t worry, there are more than this, we just don’t want to throw 18 different gifs in your face

Draw to remove or add with the ‘Path tool’

Make your scenes more realistic with ‘Scatter Around’

Make your meadows pretty with our ‘Simple Wind’ modifier 

Downloads: pls buy & support the dev!

True Terrain 4.3.2 Blender

PASSWORD: join discord to get it for free.

Official Discord :

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