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Is more than an asset pack. It´s a powerfull add-on to create amazing urban scenes.

Costumizable and realistic assets that works great in EEVEE and Cycles


This asset include a curve to control the length and the shape of the road. The material of it is semi-procedural created, this means A LOT of detail and non repeatable patterns. Also mean that you can change the shape of it and the material will adapt.
In the shader editor you will be able to change the type of lines, quantity of lines, weathering, cracks and more!
You can increase the level of the water on the surface in the add-on UI.


These assets include some intersections and straight street. It’s came with decals that affect the material AND the shape of the surface. There are two types of decals, one of them are potholes (surface imperfections) and the other group are white symbols (arrows, stop sign, etc.) You can control them with the use of empties, that can be rotated, scaled and moved across all the street surfaces. The key feature of them is the dynamic transformation of the surface, they interact each other and modify the overall shape of it (displacement in cycles).
You can control the level of water of the potholes with the WetSurface value in the add-on UI.


You will find two modules of elevated highways, that can be controlled with a curve path and an array modifier. The category include one exit sign, two light poles, retroreflectos and lateral sound barriers.
You can control the lights of the sign with the “StreetLights” value in the integrated UI.


Every street needs a sidewalk beside it. This pack contains 8 different types of sidewalks and the pavement edge. The materials are procedural that means that you can control the color, the patterns, level of destruction of them and more!


In this category you will find 9 different traffic signs and 3 traffic signs. There is 6 different types of stickers to add to this elements to increase the level of detail, and vandalism, on your scene! They looks awsome!
Some of the signs are retroreflectors like in the real world!


You need to close a street? No, problem! You can make it with our barrriers! 6 diferent types, from concrete to plastic. All of them with semi-procedural materials that can be easily tweaked to fit to your needs!


In this update we include a requested feature. New procedural buildings! With them, you will be able to change in a few clicks, the number of floors, and overall size of the building. More variations will be added later.
They work in 2.80 to 3.10 and beyond!
This will guarantee you the easy control of your buildings in the scene. In addition we also increase the number of buildings in the add-on and improve the existing! We are always working on improvements!


When we say that URBANIAC! came with a lot of assets, we say it for real! If you buy the PRO version, you will get more than 160 assets and future updates with more content (we always add more content). If you buy the LITE version, you will get 90 assets and if you want to test the capabilities of the asset pack, you can use the trial version with 14 assets for ALMOST nothing! (Blendermaket force to us to put a minimum price of .51dlrs)

Downloads: pls buy & support the dev!

for pass join discord.

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