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RanTools is your one-stop-shop for tools: bundled with a tool for every need, be it creation, detailing, presentation or rendering.

With an unparalleled grid-based boolean and draw system, a single-click solution to Boolean cleanup, modifier presets, tools to add wires and simulate them with one click, and backup tools to help you manage object backup versions like a pro, working will never be this easier and efficient.

Need backdrops or lights? Want to render multiple angles at the same time? Want to present your models in the best way possible with clay and wireframe renders? RanTools got you covered.

Showcase the best of your art via camera and rendering tools! Set aspect ratio, resolution,
shutter speed and focal length, all from one menu with a single click, and effortlessly add backdrops and lights!
Using batch rendering tools, create rendering presets and render with different angles, cameras and settings!
Also, generate clay and wireframe renders of your models!Modifier Presets
Save time with modifier presets! Store single modifier settings or even entire modifier stacks as presets!
Load them again with a single click, without having to rebuild from scratch!
Use these presets to create non-destructive meshes from a single vertex (see GIF 3 & 4),
auto-update object fields of modifiers on an active object with previously selected objects (see GIF 5 & 6), and much more!

Material Tools:
> Access 1000+ pbr materials from right from the viewport using Material Library*
> Apply a clay material over objects, while optionally skipping translucent ones!
> Toggle the UV Checker texture on and off via the pie menu!
> Drag n’ drop materials from a face or object to another seamlessly with the Material Dropper!
> Make small changes in materials directly from the viewport via Quick Adjust!
> Seamlessly setup all PBR textures from directories and subdirectories with a single click!

UV Checker texture
Quick Material Adjust

Texture Baking Tools:
> Bake bevel maps with ease! Empty normal sockets are automatically found to add the maps!
> Bake simple or worn edge masks to enhance material details!
> Bake single and multiple textures at the same time, even for multiple objects!
> Eliminate the tiring tasks of manually creating and selecting images, and leave it all to RanTools!

Light Groups:
> Light grouping tools let you control and manage multiple light sources together as groups.
> Select, delete, dissolve groups with one click!
> Within groups, also change intensities or randomize colors with single clicks!
> With multiple groups, you can isolate one to see its independent effects on the scene – hassle-free! 

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