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Edit your animation or mocap data quickly using a standard animation layers UI and workflow directly in your 3D viewport with an extra layers functionality.

Animation Layers is an addon that simplifies the work with the NLA Editor into a standard animation layers workflow. You can quickly create, select and edit each layer without the need to go into NLA’s tweak mode, and always seeing the end result while working on any layer.
Add or Remove Layers quickly, or control their Influence using NLA’s “Mute, Influence, Solo and its Blending modes” options.
When you are happy with your animation, you can always merge your layers or bake into a new layer.
If you want to keep the same amount of the overall keyframes after baking, then you can also use the smart bake option.

NEW UPDATES Animation Layers V2 with NEW FEATURES –

Actions can be now selected also directly from the layer ui list using the small arrows.

Auto rename – when turned on layers get the name of the action when an action is being selected (useful when working with a lot of actions).
Auto Blend – when turned on a blend type is being applied automatically based on the scale and rotation values. This is to avoid characters and objects exploding or scaling to 0 when selecting the wrong blend type

Shapekey Layers – are now also included and available only on selected Mesh objects. You can select the data type ‘Object’ or ‘Shapekey’ from the top of the addon’s panel.
It is now possible to create, delete, merge, bake and extract shapekey layers.

Extract Marked Keyframes – New Feature for Cleaning Mocap!
Use the timeline markers for the character Key poses and important inbetweens, and the operator will create a new layer with only the marked keyframes and evaluate the interpolation of the bezier handles.

New Bake Method – with new options. The new method can now also bake upwards, and can merge additive layers into a new additive layer. It also has a faster smart bake.
The old method (Blender NLA’s bake) is also still available from the options.
SmartBake – got improved and is now estimating the new bezier handles of the new baked curves.

View and Edit Multiple Layers – keyframes in the timeline and dopesheet. Choose the type of the keyframes visibilty. Exclude layers using lock or mute.

Library Overrides is working with animation layers. When using Library Overrides it is better to make sure your source file (normally the rig file) is not including any animation layers or NLA tracks as well.

Extract selected Bones – to a New layer.

Reset Key Layer – to reset the keyframe to its 0 position in a selected layer, Using the hotkey alt+G+R+S normally resets the overall layers to 0.

Apply Cyclic FCurves – to selected bones. If you already have other modifiers applied, then it will still keep the modifiers and add cyclic Fcurves to them.

A new improved UI, Lots of bug fixing, more options such as locking, duplicating layers and selecting the actions directly in the panel.
There is a better integration with the NLA editor. It is not disabled anymore and you can now use it while working with the animation layers addon.

CGCookie’s Auto Updater – is implemented!

Support Animation layers addon, and keep getting its updates

Shapekey layers are now also included

Extract Marked Keyframes – A new tool and workflow for motion capture cleanup

Reseting a pose and loading new actions automatically from the action editor 

Downloads: pls buy & support the dev!


Filename:Animation_Layers_v2_0_2_3 UNRAR FIRST

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