By | September 23, 2022

Our first release is QuickDeform, and it is designed to simplify the process of working with commonly used modifiers.


The Loft tool in QuickDeform is beyond powerful, handling any combination of edges/curves/faces that you throw at it and bridging it all together. Don’t worry about mismatches in point count, we solve it for you!


One click Lattice setup!

Come up with something new, very quickly!

QuickDeform contains an advanced Object Alignment algorithm so it fits perfectly to your selection, no matter what!

Linear Array

Radial Array



The 2.83+ version of this tool creates a few macros to help you when working with Voxels. From Object Mode you can set your voxel size and remesh your object instantly!


– Simple UI

– Gizmos for intuitive manipulation

– Interactive modals for controlling settings

– Works on any number of selected objects

– Enables ANGLE SNAPPING for QuickShape/QuickCurve, an absolute must have feature that makes sure you draw perfectly straight lines IN ANY PERSPECTIVE! 

Downloads: pls buy & support the dev!

UDATED 24 SET 2022


Official Discord :

Recommended link below => FULL SPEED.


for mega and g drive links – contact admin.

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