By | July 15, 2023

DynRemesh 2.5 is a quad-based remesher for Blender 2.9, assisting in retopology for your dyntopo sculpts & 3dscans containing too many tris(triangles). The UI is simplified for you & performs the necessary steps for quad remeshing automatically(in a click!)

It includes support for QuadriFlow. QuadriFlow is a scalable algorithm for generating quadrilateral surface meshes based on the Instant Field-Aligned Meshes.

When working with any sculpt in general, you need clean topology in order for you to work with your assets.

Single-click solution
Preset Bar(polycount detection)
Control over density( Density/Decimation/Subdivision)
User-Friendly UI
Weight Paint Operator(Define density with weights)
Symmetry Support(Experimental)
Relax + Smooth options
Auto-Update(Update mesh when changing settings)
Improvements to the resulting remesh
Support for QuadriFlow(Linux & Windows) 

Downloads: pls buy & support the dev!



Official Discord :

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