By | May 3, 2021

Full dynamic one-click solution for material blending of objects
in Blender 2.83+ (2.90, 2.91)

Main features:
-Easily create material blend of selected objects with active
-Non-destructive operations: create, apply, remove material blends
-Option of executing the operations for all blends of source object
-Real time dynamic blends works in viewport, Eevee and Cycles
-Option automatic create material from blended objects
-Option to Blend Normals of objects
-Easily tweak individual blend of object
-Easy tweaking of all blends of source object
-Preserve texture scale from source object with mapping options:

1. World space: Geometry node – Position output

2. Object space: Texture Coordinate node – Object output

3. UV v1: Texture Coordinate node – UV output + Blendit Transfer UV

4. UV v2: UV Map node + Blendit Transfer UV

Blendit v1.3

-Full support of material nodes (ColorRamp, RGB Curve, Vector Curves)
-Small performance improvement through better modifiers settings
-Auto Smooth option added to Settings (recommended to turn-off in Cycles)
-Added switches for Simple and Advanced blend modes
-Advanced mode – added option to tweak the minimum blend distance
-Advanced mode – added option to tweak the gradient of the material blend
-Advanced mode – added option to tweak the blend of normals
-Fixed issue and added warning if objects have no materials
-Fixed Transfer UV doesn’t have ideal mapping when Blend Normals disabled
-Fixed Auto smooth did not return when blend was removed
-Fixed UV Map node could have non-existent UVs assigned
-Fixed applied blend shows sliders without influence 

Downloads: pls buy & support the dev!

Filename: Blendit1.3 _

Recommended link below => FULL SPEED.


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