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Sapphire plug-ins let you create stunning organic looks unmatched by any host native effect tools. Key features include over 270 effects and 3000+ presets, a powerful Effect and Transition Builder, and integrated tracking and masking with Mocha.

What’s New In Sapphire 2020.52

Sapphire Effect Builder: Fixed an error where opening old projects with S_Zap or S_WarpDrops inside an instance of S_Effect would result in a blank project inside Builder. Note: This is a partial fix. When first opening an old project with S_Effect, you may still see a “Parsing failed” error. The workaround when this error happens is as follows:
Inside the S_Effect generating the error, click on “Edit Effect”. This will cause S_Effect to re-read the node graph.
If Sapphire Effect Builder loads with a nodegraph, click OK to return to the host.
The Effect should now work correctly back in the host.
Sapphire Effect Builder: Fixed a sporadic crash when launching Builder with a large preset.
Sapphire Preset Browser: Updated the Preset Browser to apply the OpenColorIO colorspace to the preset thumbnails.
Sapphire Flare Designer: Improved the UI behavior around the “Preview Shadow Element” and “Shadow Parameter” buttons.
Sapphire Flare Designer: Improved the “Insert Flare” behavior when shadows are involved. If the flare being inserted has a shadow, that shadow will be used instead of the existing shadow. If the flare being inserted has no shadow, the existing shadow will be left alone.
Sapphire Flare Designer: Improved shadow behavior on rays that are more vertical than horizontal.
Sapphire Preset Browser: Fixed the “Source Only” entry of the preview menu.
Sapphire Effect Builder: Fixed a bug where Builder might fail to open if inputs were left unconnected in the host.
Licensing: Improve subscription license handling.
LensFlare: Shadow working correctly with the undo stack in the Sapphire Lens Flare Designer.
Transitions: Remove the erroneous “Amount” parameter on many transitions (Eg. HyperPull) when in transition mode.
Fixed Deinterlace Auto.
Effect Builder: Change Color node default to “Color Only”

After Effects CC 2015 – 2020
Premiere Pro CC 2015 – 2020 

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