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Connect your After Effects layers with dynamic lines ! Create rope, spanning tree, triangulation with a single click. Customize the look of your lines on the fly using the powerful features of our plug-in interface.

Square, circle, triangle, or add your own arrowhead !
When you trim your connection, the arrowheads follow the ends of the line.

Choose one of the 3 powerful curviness features to add a natural feeling to the motion of your lines.
Presets included !
Colors & Gradients
Stroke and fill colors support both solid and gradient colors.
Trim, Dash, Offset…
Repeater, Round Corners, Twist, Wiggle, Zig Zag. They’re all here !
The power of shape layers, minus the headache.
Connect Layers PRO is based on the powerful After Effects shape layers system, but you can control the settings directly from the plug-in interface.

Downloads: pls buy & support the dev!


Filename: ConnectLayersPRO v1.1_Win-Mac _

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