By | March 3, 2021

An easy to use Particle Simulator for 3ds Max designed to simplify and accelerate the creation of high volume particle clouds driven by Velocity Fields (originally available as Stoke MX 1.0). Supported Velocity Field sources include FumeFX simulations and Stoke Velocity Fields, other particle animations fromParticle Flow, Thinking Particles or external particle file sequences in PRT or RealFlow BIN formats, 3ds Max Force SpaceWarps etc.

A set for poweful Field Manipulation tools enabling the creation and simulation of new Fields including Velocity Fields, the loading and saving of Field data using industry standard formats, the editing of existing fields and the integration of Field data with 3ds Max sub-systems like Particle Flow, MassFX, mCloth, Hair&Fur, Materials, most renderers, and more. The complete Genome toolset including added support for Stoke Field-related query operations, as well as new Loop nodes for iterative operations over vertices and faces.


  • Install Stoke.
  • Replace StokeMX.dlo with the Crk in this Path: “C:\Program Files\Thinkbox\Stoke MX\3dsMax20xx “
  • Move thinkbox.lic file to FlexLM folder in C:\FlexLM (also, edit “ANY” in license file with your Mac Address)

Downloads: pls buy & support the dev!


ThinkBox Stoke MX v2.5.2 x64 for 3ds Max 2017 to 2020 by TPF

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