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Procedural Nature Seasons Pack Vol 2 UnrealEngine Full Crack Download Clean!

Procedurally Generated Winter and Spring nature scenes with these easy to use assets and blueprints!

Global Blueprint: 
Globally adjust world settings with simple sliders. Adjust global wind speed, direction, and intensity. Wind, affects foliage, snowfall, and water surfaces across the environment. Adjust the “Snow Coverage” to see falling snow and snow on all of your assets in the scene, as well as ice forming on water and lakes.

Snow build up on assets is globally changed using the Blueprint and Swappable Landscape Materials. Falling Snow FX change with the wind direction and intensity of the Blueprint Settings. Snow uses high quality subsurface materials, detail maps, and tessellation that can be set on or off for optimization.

Ice is procedurally generated on top of water and lakes in real time! Water can also be set to a translucent or opaque surface. With a blendable shoreline, custom depth, water color, and a rippling surface that changes direction with the wind!

Trees + Foliage: 
Auto Populating Foliage on Landscape based off of landscape layers and simple settings.
Completely revamped Spline Tree Generator. Customize each branch type individually for more variations. Set master parameters for all branches easily. Use an infinite number of “Random Seeds” to prevent tree branch randomization or choose to randomize every branch automatically. It’s even more powerful when you swap your own assets to make any tree you want! Lowpoly Pine Tree AlphaCards are included optimization and vista artwork.

High quality 4K materials created with zbrush and substance designer. Material Functions help clean up messy material graphs and make global changes to multiple material types.
Easily export any spline generated models that you create. Simply by selecting the generated meshes and using the export function. This can even be a quick modeling tool!

Technical Details

*This pack is almost 4GB and with all features enabled is recommended for higher-end PC’s. The texture sizes are at 4k and material instance features can be enabled or disabled to help optimize the pack and run on a wider variety of machines for your project. All features are recommended for highest quality results*
– Demo scene to show use of assets and placement in a final looking scene
– Overview scene to show again more variations of assets and uses of the blueprints and materials
– Spline Generated trees, branches, roads, and more!
– Auto Populating Landscape Foliage, based on landscape painting and auto foliage settings
– Procedurally Generated Snow Build-up on assets
– Procedural Realtime Ice Formation on water and lakes
– Procedural Water surface with changing ripple direction and intensity based off of wind
– Procedural Falling snow FX with scalable wind speed, direction, and intensity
– Lowpoly Pine Tree Alpha Cards included for environment background
– Terrain blended materials
– Turn tessellation on or off for almost all assets
– Paint foliage in engine with the Unreal foliage tools
– Over 200 Total (UE4 Content Files)
– Over 70 Textures
– Over 60 Materials, Functions, and Parameters
– Over 50 Meshes
– Optimized assets with scaleable quality features inside of the material instances
– All of the necessary assets have LOD’s that cut the geo down by at least half at each LOD
– Assets range between (2 Tri’s – 220,000 Tri’s)
– Average Texture size of 4096×4096 with some reaching up to 8k. Feel free to scale these for quality and performance
– Generally include (Albedo Map, Specular, Roughness, AO, and Displacement map)


(this 4.12 project but work fine in 4.12-4.17)

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